Giants 24, Falcons 2: Hakeem Nicks Post-Game Press Conference

How did it feel to play in your first playoff game?
It felt good to go out there and get the victory. The defense played great, the offense played great, so it is just a good feeling.

What did coach say to you at halftime?
He told us to go out there and finish. We know what we are capable of doing. We had to step up on offense and make plays and that is what we did. The running game got going pretty good and everything was clicking.

What did you see on the long touchdown?
It was zone coverage and I was actually about to sit but when I saw all the linebackers' zone drop out of there, I just tried to get in Eli's vision. Once I caught the ball, it was just make a play.

What made you do the dirty bird?
Antrel Rolle told me to do it.

What do you think about Eli's ability to just make plays?
It came out in the time of need, it was third down and he got it. It was clutch.

With so much being said about Victor Cruz, did you feel like you had to prove something?
I didn't feel like I had to prove nothing, I just felt like I had to play my game. I know what I am capable of. Victor Cruz is a great addition to our offense and he makes plays when he is called on and the same with all the other guys. We make plays.

What does having a running game do for the offense?
We are a very balanced offense. I think we can run the ball when we want to and the offensive line does a great job. Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw do a great job getting up and down the field for us and we can throw the ball on the outside as well. It is a pretty balanced offense.

What advice did you get before the game since it was your first playoff game?
It wasn't too much said, it was just to go out and play and have fun. It is exciting and the moment doesn't come too often, so when it comes, just take advantage of it.

Can you talk about the touchdown catch in the end zone?
It was a little play action off the run fake. It was something we practice during the week and Eli knew he had to get it up over the linebackers with the play action pass. Once he put it up, he put it in a place where only I could catch it and I went up and got it.

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