BBV Pick'em Results (And Playoffs?)

Better late than never, right?

The winner (drum rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll)

Wait nope, I'm a jerk. Here are the results of Week 17 from worst to best. If you're really that excited, keep scrolling down.

Simms-McConkey 1 (Made only one pick and got it right, cheated at sucking for luck)

jcalafiore 4. Rough one mate. In it to the end, wasn't there for the 1:00 picks

NetsAreBoss 4 (Sucked for luck)

OregonBlu 6 (sucking for luck)

PlaxicoBurress 9

BrooksBridges11 9

FreeBradshaw 10

Larry Soprano 10

LostinJersey 10

WillGFass 10

J-man 10

tommy d. 11

brisulph 12

sv1031 12

Amsterdam Admirals 13

Troy O. 14

Wangstu 14

I'd like a big screw you to Detroit and Oakland who were some of the most chosen wrongly. Seriously Matt Flynn and 6 TDs? *facepalm* Also dishonorable mentions to Oakland and Denver

It's only fair that the best performer in the last week is also our Winner.

Congratulations to Wangstu13!

With his 14 correct points in the last week, he vaulted ahead from 3rd place.

Congrats again.

Runner ups Below. Also a great last week push by Troy O. to move up and tie for 3rd. And for shits and giggles, I added some major analysts numbers in there for comparison

1) Wangstu 176

Mike Silver 176 (Yahoo)

ESPN Accuscore 174 (Congrats, you beat the computer!)

2) Rorschach44 173

3t) Larry Soprano 171

3t) Troy O. 171

5t) PlaxicoBurress 170

5t) LostinJersey 170

7) sv1031 169

8) jcalafiore 167

9) Amsterdam Admirals 166

10) BrooksBridges11 165

11) WillGFass 162

Jason Cole (Yahoo)

12) J-man 161

13) 1GiantLion 160(No entry)

14) tommy d. 158

Mortensen 155 (ESPN, He makes me feel much better about myself)

15) brisulph 150

16) NetsAreBoss 149

17) njGiant 149 (no entry)

18) Tito 147 (no entry)

19) TelcoChik 143 (no entry)

And in last place, everyone please laugh at:

20) Simms-McConkey 135

Anyone up for a playoffs Pick em? I know it's really late and Friday afternoon, but whoever's picks can before 4:30 tomorrow, or even pick any games that haven't been played yet. Just for fun anyways

Cincinatti @ Houston

Detroit @ New Orleans

Atlanta @ Giants: Giants

Pittsburgh @ Denver

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