This season has been a roller coaster ride, but somehow the Giants found a way to come out on top. It took a team effort-Eli, Victor, Mario, Nicks, JPP, Kiwi and Osi-and there is but one word to describe it--amazing!

Watch the video portion:

Or read the rest here:

That was amazing. Our New York Football Giants are NFC East Champions. Who would have thunk it?

Half way through the season, right after we beat the Patriots, I posted a poll here on BBV: "How will the Giants finish the season? Will they win more than half of their games and win the division, win less than half and still win the division, win less than half and be the wildcard or will they totally collapse and miss the playoffs again?" I was among the 77% who thought that the Giants would win more than half of their games and be division champs--well we were half right. The real winners though were the 12% who thought the Giants could win less than half of their eight remaining games and still win the NFC East, which, amazingly, is exactly what they did. Six and two to start and three and five to finish, but it was just enough--they were economical--they won just the games that they absolutely needed to.

I watched the Jets game on my flight home for Christmas, so I'd like to apologize again to the gentleman sitting in seat 22A Virgin America flight 360. Sorry. I tried to keep my cool but when Victor Cruz took that pass 99 yards for the touchdown, what was I supposed to just sit there quietly.

We also had to watch the Cowboys game relatively quietly, because our family's dog, Buzz, tends to freak out when there's too much noise. So this is how we celebrated Victor's amazing, phenomenal, drive saving, game saving catch (insert muffled scream here, but it's better, funnier, to watch it: And again, I'm going to have to say it--it was amazing.

In both games though, there were moments where I thought we were going to let it slip away. The offense got much too conservative, and we stopped moving the ball, like in the Cowboys game, when we decided to punt on 4th and 2 and then didn't convert on 4th and 1. I honestly thought that was it, but, in reality, these were two of the easiest games of the season. Games that we won on both sides of the ball--offense and defense. Could we play better? Of course. Are we capable of playing our best in the playoffs? I think so. But regardless of what happens from here on out, one thing is for sure about this team--they are resilient.

We may not have all been able to predict how this crazy season would end, but, in the end, we are all winners, because the Giants are in the playoffs and anything can happen in the playoffs. Forecast on Sunday is for rain and snow-welcome to the Meadowlands Atlanta.

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