Brent Grimes

I'll start off by saying I'm a Falcons fan, and I do not intend to ruffle any feathers by creating a fanpost on an opposing team's blog. This will not be trash talk of any sort, simply an informative post inspired by conversations going on at the Falcoholic between Falcons and Giants fans, as well as some comments I've read here at Big Blue View. I'd like to thank those of you that have gone over to the Falcoholic and contributed to the discussions. It's made for a very informative week so far.

Now, as Victor Cruz has been the focal point for a lot of people talking about this game, it has inevitably lead to Falcons fans talking about our best corner, Brent Grimes. Giants fans usually respond with, "Brent who?". It appears that most Giants fans have no idea who this man is. It's understandable. He's quiet, diminutive in stature, and he doesn't get much attention. How would you have heard about him? I assure you, though, he is very good.

Don't let his lack of notoriety fool you. Grimes is one of the best. He's coming off a pro-bowl year, and as KMarch pointed out at the Falcoholic, he's actually been better this season. Here's a quotes from ProFootballFocus talking about Grimes going into this weeks game.

If you play in cornerback required leagues then Brent Grimes (+16.0) makes for an interesting play this week. We often talk about how being an ‘elite’ cornerback can prevent a player from being targeted, but despite his excellent play, Grimes continues to be thrown at. The diminutive Grimes has only played 72 snaps since week 11 and will surely be tested often and early by a Giants team that passes frequently to its pair of WR1s.

That rating of +16.0 puts him among the elite corners in football. Here's another quote from ProFootballFocus from when they chose their own Pro Bowl rosters.

Grimes is a playmaker who simply hates to have balls completed into his vicinity. For that reason he sometimes gambles but this season the risk/reward ratio has been well in his favor with a league low 42% of passes thrown his way completed.

Don't get the wrong idea, though. I'm not coming here to tell you about how Brent Grimes is going to shut down Victor Cruz on Sunday. I'm well aware that the Giants have Hakeem Nicks, whom is actually the Giants' #1 receiver. I know that double teaming one player will open things up for another. I'm not trying to tell you all how the Falcons and Brent Grimes are going to go about slowing down the Giants' passing attack. I simply want to spread the word on a guy that not only will be a huge factor in this game, but is also one of the best and most underrated players in the league. I guess I hit my limit of "who the f#ck is Brent Grimes?" and that's why I felt compelled to do this. Anyway, here's a video so that you can see what he's all about.

Hopefully we'll see an entertaining and injury-free game on Sunday. Good luck to the Giants moving forward, whatever happens. I honestly feel like there are a lot of similarities between the Falcons and Giants. This is definitely an organization I admire and root for when they're not playing the Falcons.

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