Giants Vs. Falcons: Victor Cruz Press Conference, 01.04.12

Q: How important have big plays been this year to the Giants offense?
A: I think it is a little bit of both. I think you have to be disciplined and know when to strike and make that big play and hit them over the top. I think it is going to take discipline on top of making some big plays because you have to make some big plays to change the momentum of the game and allow things to go into our favor so I think it is a little bit of both.

Q: Do you know when you are looking to make a big play or is it something that happens naturally?
A: I think anytime I get a chance to get the ball, I want to make the big play. Whether it be a deep route or an intermediate route, I am just trying to do the most I can with that catch or route.

Q: What did the Philadelphia game do to your confidence?
A: It did a lot. Going in, there was a lot of talk about us having some receivers injured and there was nobody to fill the position and things like that. To be able to come in and do some positive things in that game and do some things that were above my expectations, it was amazing for my confidence and I kind of carried that over to each week moving forward.

Q: How much better is your chemistry with Eli Manning?
A: It is better and I think it is more so because we talk a lot more and have more communication. He tells me what he is seeing and I tell him about certain things. I think it is more, because the communication is so great from that week and all the way up until now.

Q: How much of good comes from those must-win games and how much did the Giants need them?
A: I think we needed those games to be battle tested and understand what the atmosphere is going to be like in the playoffs so those were essentially some early playoff games for us as far as game plan-wise and as far as going into the games and how we had to respond the past couple weeks. It was just some good early practice for us because our backs were against the wall and we came out and fought. I am proud of my team.

Q: Where are the Giants right now in terms of confidence?
A: I think the confidence is high. I think we understand where we are and we are in a position to do something special. You can feel it in the locker room, guys are pumped up and ready to play, ready to practice and ready to be in that meeting room to understand the opponent. It is a really good feeling that we have right now.

Q: How much of a positive is it to have Eli?
A: Eli playing well is definitely a huge factor for us this year. Understand that the defense had some injuries early in the year and we had to step up a little bit. We had some injuries ourselves with Ahmad so coming in and him playing well and doing some great things and myself, Hakeem and Mario making some great plays on the outside, has been tremendous for our football team.

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