10 "Change-ups" I'd Like to See the Giants run in SB46

1. Get Mitch Petrus on the field. Rather than always bring in an extra OT at TE, how about inserting the big mauler next to Baas and extend Diehl or McKenzie out wider as a TE. Would really help against Wilfork and would definitely be unexpected. We always talk about getting our best players on the field on Def - same should go on offense - he's a beast - use him!

2. Run the Giants favorite trick play: the flea flicker. Haven't seen it in awhile and it's had some classic success for the G-Men in the playoffs.

3. Anytime Hernandez is lined up in the backfield blitz a LB or S to his side to keep him in to block.

4. CB blitz Brady early (once from each side) to help get him extra jumpy. Also will give the OL something else to worry about anytime we can line up a DB close to the line. Might end up getting some miscommunication and get a player in unblocked.

5. Run at least 1 or 2 end arounds to keep the D honest (don't want to see a reverse - we haven't one run in a while and no reason to risk a bad handoff between 2 WRs).

6. When the Pats have their big three DL on the field run no-huddle (not hurry up) to tire them out. Do this as early as possible in the game. (Everyone has been bringing this one up).

7. Run counters and misdirections until the Pats overplay it and only then run straight ahead.

8. Run pitches and tosses to get the run plays off tackle until the Pats overplay it (see#7)

9. 3rd and long situations put Ramses Barden underneath on Gronkowski - take away size advantage. Obviously keep a safety overtop. Use that height for something.(Works for the Pats - use it against them).

10. Pats are very short on DBs go four wide (even 5 a few times) - get Devin Thomas and Jerrigan in the game and get the Pats really awful dime personnel on the field.

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