Observations and a Wish List

Some thoughts and wishes on the season and the SB

1. Football players need toradol to deal with the pain. Jets need a hug and some diapers

2. Peyton Manning wearing a Giants Eli Manning jersey on Feb 5

3. Giants - Superbowl, Eagles - Juan Castillo

4. There are giants fans and there are Patriots fans. And then there's fatso from the other NY foodball team who's having a nightmare

5. Kyle williams, Billy Cundiff - thank you for this opportunity

6. Brady should try and play in Pro Bowl. Unlike the superbowl he will at least have a chance to finish that game.

7. Wide mine .....sorry wide nine

8. The refs would have given Lee Evans a touchdown with that catch if he was a Patriot or a Packer

9. Osi jump on Brady, Tuck jump on Brady, JPP jump on Brady,,,eeeeeverybody jump on Brady. Its good to be in the SB

10. Patriots used to play 4-3 before Vince Wilfork ate the other lineman

11. Las Vegas hates Eli Manning

12. Devin Thomas and Jaq Will on the field for every play - D,O,ST

13. Brady sees - JPP, Osi, Tuck,Canty, Linval, Kiwi . Patriots order a Port-a-potty for Brady

14. Giants ask the refs for overtime after beating the Pats by 40 in regular time

15. Strip the ball then sack Brady....wait..forget the ball...strip Brady and then sack Brady

16. Last week on defense Giants saw Justin Smith, Aldon Smith, Navarro Bowman, Patrick Willis, Donte,,, this week - Vince Wilfork and Gisele.....tough

17. Want to see Mama Mara roundhouse kick Belichick (think Norris, Chuck)

18. Brady hasn't won a superbowl after Eli came into the league....and he never will

19. Mr. Romo, Rex Grossman has been to more superbowls than you.

20. 49ers ....Salut. Tough, vicious but not dirty.

21. 6 sacks, 20 hits...still standing. Like Ivan Drago said "He is like a piece of iron"

22. 7 years since the Pats won a superbowl. Another 80 to go. Call it the curse of the bundchen

23. If Eli plays in Peytons house, the Giants should be the home team.

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