Not gonna say I knew, but I did.

It is finally safe for me to post this. Finally. Yesterday was a real scare but as superstitious as I am, I can finally write this down. The Giants and I are connected at the hip.

I have noticed this occurring back a long time ago. But yesterday just proves to me, that it really is true. (and I know I am going to sound crazy)

First - understand I know I do not cause these things. Secondly - Yes I know I only see what I want to see. - Third - its just a really cool coincedence.

Here we go

1986/1987 Giants - Superbowl - The year I went to Elementary School - Giants win - and Elementary school rocked.

1990/1991 Giants - Superbowl - Started Middle School in 91 - Giants win - Middle School was awesome

1993-1994 Giants - Sucked - Simms/Taylor Retire - I was a teen angtsy punk, barely graduating high school, getting into to college only on my 36 on the ACT.

1999/2000 Giants - Superbowl - I move to Tampa to go to USF - Giants forget to take plane ride to Tampa for Superbowl - I continue my eduacation by following my high school path "the long winding scenic route through school" Basically - I forget to show up to classes, just barely not getting kicked out every other semester.

2002 - I am still in Tampa - Buccaneers win first ever Superbowl.

2004 - I am still in Tampa - Lightning win first ever Stanely Cup.

July 2007 - I leave Tampa, move back home to Ft. Myers after a bitter breakup with my ex-fiance. Go back to school.

2007/2008 Giants - Superbowl - Giants Win - I finish 60 Credit hours of school in 3 semesters. Graduate on Deans List with B.Sc. in Mathematics in Dec 2008. Try to find a job - none in Florida - Move to San Francisco

2010/2011 - S.F. Giants - I am in San Francisco - Giants win First World Series in 50 years. I have first stable, decent paying job.

April 2011 - I leave San Francisco, Move to Orlando, Fl.

2011/2012 Giants - Superbowl.

I knew once I moved, Giants would be playing in the Superbowl. I get to say this now, because the rules of jinxing say I can.

Nothing I can say or do will help win or loose the Giants the superbowl, but I can say this. If the Giants Win - I will more likely than not have a great next year- years. If they loose - I will have a not so great time.

Reasons for me to like our chances in 2 weeks- I am expecting my first kid this July. I am almost finished writing my book and I am going to Grad School.

Also, in June, I am moving once again. So look out for next year!!!

One more thing, GO GIANTS!!!!

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