What I would give the team:

Focus. Intense, unwavering, razor sharp adrenaline induced focus. If I could send them off on their flight to SF with a parting gift I would give our boys focus. In a championship game a team needs alot of things. I'm focused...on focus. Eyes wide open, with nostrils gulping gallons of oxygen, fueling muscles to work, fueling the brain to make quick, decisive, proper decisions with a killers instinct type focus. Focus to know that their preparation is as good as it could be. That their preparation, confidence, cohesiveness, and focus will propel them to victory.

So when Eli is dropping back, with his battle tested, elite eyes wide open, his cool blue blood pumping quickly through his veins, he makes the right reads through intense focus and vision. So he makes the right pre-snap reads, with his eyes wide open and his focus at an all time high, reading the defense and knowing where to go with the ball. Focus so he calls the right audible to give a play the best chance to succeed.

So when our Offensive Line as a collective unit blows off the ball, and Snee or Baas pulls, they see everything in front of them and smash defenders with eyes wide open, focus and intense nastiness leading them through their blocks to blast holes for the Raging Bull 27, the Tazmanian Devil 44, and...Danny Ware. :-)

Bully boy focus for 27 as he pulls oxygen deep into his beast lungs when Eli hands him the ball, as he hits the hole barreling into the second level and destroys LB's and DB's on the way to a big gain. Refuse to quit, never say die focus for 44 as he sees the cutback lane, makes a decisive focused decision to plant a foot hard into the grass with no pain, and blasts through the hole on the back side. Make your mark focus for Danny Ware, a solid contributor, able to take a draw and make something of it or pick up a blitz with a crushing blow to give Eli that extra mili-second.

Razor Sharp, unable to be distracted focus for Victor Cruz, to make that sick cut to leave a CB behind and watch that ball hit his hands, securing it before turning upfield and running away for major YAC. Intense Focus for Hakeem Nicks, to know he is the best player on the field as he wins the battle at the LOS, runs by his man, waiting for that perfect pass from Eli that drops right into his hands in perfect stride, leading him right into the end zone. Clarity and focus for my man Ham, to burn a defender deep with his speed, knowing exactly where Eli is gonna place the ball as he extends in the corner of the end zone, grabs the ball and plants his feet firmly in bounds with eyes wide open focus and the joy in knowing he just put 6 on the board.

Tough guy, I'm gonna show everyone I belong focus and intensity for Jake Ballard, Bear Pascoe, and Travis Bekum as they come through when the focus for the 49ers is on our explosive WR's.

Leadership calm and focus, for our Defensive Captain Justin Tuck. To lead his mates into battle with a great game plan in tow and confidence to shut down the 49er offense. Focus to know what hole to hit to give him a clear path for a quick killshot on a helpless QB. Focus to win the LOS in the run game, and eyes wide friggin' open as he pummels a ball carrier, knocking him backward, laughing.

Beast focus for JPP, our freak of nature. Energy for focus to keep that motor that never stops running as high and as efficiently as it has all season. Focus to blast through a T on his way to wrapping up Alex Smith in his Kraken Octopus arms. Focus to keep tackling like a madman on running plays. Eyes WIDE open as he plants his facemask into a ball carriers waist.

Superstar playmaking focus for Osi, a man on a mission. To fly past a LT, reach out, and slap the ball out of an unsuspecting Alex Smith's hand. A crushing TO to sap some of the strength and belief away from the 49ers.

Razor sharp clear focus for the LB's Boley, Kiwi, Williams and the boys in their execution of their assignments. Focus to hit the hole hard and blowup a running play before it gets started. Focus in knowing their assignments in the passing game. Knowing who to stay with, who to pass off, and focus, speed, and power to take away receivers over the middle and down the seam.

Assassin like focus for my boys on the backend. Ninja focus for my man Cweb to know no one can beat him. Focus for him in his fundamentals, his techniques. Trust your abilities and focus on that ball in flight as you breakup another pass, or box out another receiver, denying him the catch.

Eyes wide open focus for Antrel Rolle as he smashes into a ball carrier, bringing him down hard after a short run or short catch. Eyes wide open focus for our inspirational leader Deon Grant, Kenny Phillips, and Prince Amuk to make a play, create a TO.

Calm focus for our kickers, Muscles McGee (AKA Steve Weatherford) to kick it exactly where TC tells you too. Calm Insane Clown Posse Jack The Knife focus for Lawrence Tynes to stick a dagger in the hearts of the Niners and their fans with a game winning kick if necessary. Intense powerful focus to blast it off after yet another Gaints TD.

And supreme focus for our coaching staff, most notably our head man, Tom Coughlin. Killer focus to get this team ready for the fight of their lives, for clarity, smarts, and balls in executing the game day strategy.

The Giants lost their cool and their focus in this stadium 9 years ago in a playoff game. A very painful day for the Giants and their fans. I was devastated that day. Let's right the wrong that was committed on that day when Richie Seubert was pulled down as an eligible receiver, denying the Giants a chance to win the game. Jim Fassel had a saying, "You either Focus, or you F*** us." Keep your focus boys and bring home the George Halas trophy.

If you could give something to the Giants this Sunday, what would it be?

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