Giants Vs. Cowboys: Justin Tuck Press Conference

Q: Do you agree with Jacobs - teams shouldn't want to play the Giants right now?
A: I think that any team that's in the playoffs wants to play us because they're in the playoffs. Why wouldn't they want to play us? They get the opportunity to beat us just like we get the opportunity to beat them. With that said, I think us playing like we played tonight and we played the last two weeks, it's going to be a tough road to beat us. Obviously playing at home, our crowd was amazing tonight. The ‘All In' towels were waving ramped. It was just one of those special nights. It seemed like everything came together tonight.

Q: How did it feel to have Osi back?
A: Great. Tremendously great. We have some good pass rushers. But Osi, he's a game changer. He takes a lot of pressure off myself, the whole d-line, the whole defense, knowing that any play he can make one of those game changing plays. He showed tonight why he's done it for so many years. Even when he's not 100 per cent he comes in and it still seems like it's clock work.

Q: What's going through your mind when you see Cruz play?
A: Where did we get this guy from? Obviously Eli's had an awesome year, but it just seems like when we need a big play [Cruz] has stepped up and been that guy. I think those two are co-MVPs. Some of the plays he's made this year have been tremendous. It gets to the point now where you look at him, the catch over the middle in the fourth quarter, I'm like, ‘Why didn't you score? You do it every other day.' He's just been a tremendous help for this offense and this entire team. It's fun to watch him.

Q: Is it good for a locker room to have a guy like that?
A: It's good to have him. It's good of the locker room. It's good for feel. It's good for practice. It's good for the lunchroom. It's good for everything to have a guy like Vic. The thing I like about him, all of the success he's had this year, he hasn't changed not one eyelid. Everything about him is humble, giving everybody else credit. I never ever have seen him do anything out of the ordinary as far as he still practices the same. He still does everything the same. Homegrown guy so I know he's getting a lot of outside influences. To be as young as he is and to come from where he's come from, it shows a lot of maturity in him.

Q: Is the bow you took after sacking Romo symbolic?
A: It's just what I do. I think the reason why I started bowing is because that's me thanking people. It's not really me trying to show off or anything. We feed off of the crowd tremendously and when they get loud it just seems like our energy picks up. So honestly it's just me thanking the crowd.

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