Giants Vs. Cowboys: Brandon Jacobs Press Conference

Q: How good is it to have Eli as your quarterback when things get hairy?
A: Eli does a great job for us. I wouldn't want to play with anybody else. He comes out there every day, works hard, does his best during the week - pays attention to detail and knows all of the things he needs to know to transfer all of the information over to us. He's done great all year long.

Q: The depth of this team?
A: We have an interesting group of guys and a lot of them, actually all of them, come to play. Our defense has been playing phenomenal. They've done what they've had to do. They shut Dallas down. They couldn't do anything on offense and we were moving the ball. They knew they really couldn't stop us. Guys did well. It's a team victory. The coaches did a good job of coaching and putting us in positions to make plays.

Q: Would you want to play the Giants in the playoffs?
A: I would not want to face the New York Giants in the playoffs right now. I got the same feeling [that I had in 2007]. There's a lot of guys that are here that weren't here a couple of years ago when we went [to the Super Bowl in 2007], but it's the same kind of feeling that I have. It's basically the same road as well.

Q: What does that feel like?
A: I feel good about this football team. I think Atlanta is a good football team. No question about it because they're in the playoffs just like we are. They also play in a pretty good division in the NFC South. We have to go. It's going to be dog eat dog and we have to get it done.

Q: How important is it for you to get the running game going?
A: No question, it's important for us to improve our running game. We still not where we've been the last couple of years and it's a must that we get back there.

Q: Can you talk about Hynoski and Pascoe running with the ball?
A: We talk to Henry [Hynoski] all of the time. Henry asks question upon question every day. I look at him sometimes like, ‘Will you stop please?' But he does a good job of with transferring the information onto the football field. He's gotten so much tougher since training camp. He's gotten mentally tougher. He's gotten physically tougher. He's catching the ball well. He's making things happen. I take my hat off to him. And Bear [Pascoe] came up big for us. We needed the first downs. He jumped over a guy and ran a guy over and kept the chains moving.

Q: Did you ever lose faith?
A: I didn't lose faith. This is a good football team. We're coached well. We have great players that want to win and guys know what to do when their backs are to the wall. And we've been in this position already and we came through it. When it's on our shoulders to put ourselves in the playoffs and not scoreboard watch like some other teams were doing today. I think we do a good job of getting that done.

Q: Did the last two games feel like playoff games?
A: No question. We couldn't afford to lose the Jet game and we definitely couldn't afford to lose this game. If we would have lost the Jet game so many things would have had to happen and then we would have been scoreboard watching - that you can't do while you're playing. If you need to take care of business on your own, it doesn't matter.

Q: Biggest similarity between now and 2007?
A: I'm implementing Green Bay in that road. If things were to go as well, we'd have to go to Lambeau Field. Basically that's it. But I think we're playing well right now and it's going to be tough to beat us. It's going to be tough to beat us in the playoffs and that's what I believe.

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