PreSeason GMen Syndrome

This is my first year following pre season so heavily. I think the fear of no football this year and then learning there will be a season after all made me so excited I wanted to engulf myself in every detail of the Giants pre season...

Have I cursed my team? Whatever spin you want to put on the set of circumstances that has plagued the Gmen, I will take the plunge and say this quantity of personnel change in pre season is unprecedented.

Shaun O'Hara
Rich Seubert

Picked up by other teams:
kevin Boss -Raiders
Steve Smith -Eagles
Plaxico Burress -Jets
Barry Cofield -Redskins

Out for Season:
cornerback Terrell Thomas - torn ACL
Cornerbacks Bruce Johnson Achilles and Brian Witherspoon ACL 
Linebacker Clint Sintim - knee injury
linebacker Jonathan Goff - torn ACL
Defensive tackle Marvin Austin - pectoral muscle

Not playing yet:
Defensive End - Justin Tuck
Cornerback Prince Akumura - broken foot
Defensive end Osi Umenyiora back from arthroscopic knee surgery
Ramses Barden and Adam Koets start year on the PUP list

The only way for the Football Gods to make this right is to allow the NY Giants to become unbreakable players this season. To allow us to play smash mouth football the only way Big Blue knows how with not even so much as a scratch. Is this too much to ask for - I don't think so, the GMen have surmounted plenty of sacrificial lambs. From here on today let it be known the 2011 season is the cure for PGS (Preseason GMen Syndrome).

Interesting enough this was my email signature back in 2008-2009 season:

NY Giants are taking the notion of addition by subtraction and making it look like a logarithm. Future Hall of Fame defensive end Michael Strahan retires? No problem. Trade tight end Jeremy Shockey? Big deal. Lose Pro Bowl defensive end Osi Umenyiora to injury? What of it? Suspend Burress, the team’s leading receiver? Big whoop. 

Go Giants!! - Excerpt from: here

Play : Survival Football

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