New York Giants' News And Notes: Arizona, Here We Come!

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here are your Giants' news and notes for today.

We have been talking about turning the page on Sunday's victory over Philadelphia and moving forward. Giants coach Tom Coughlin is sounding the same theme this week.

"Last week's win is over. That game is over. It's a new week, a new game, a new team," Coughlin said. "The same type of preparation, the same kind of focus, the same kind of appealing to the professionalism of the athlete knowing full well you can't go into a game with great confidence unless you're well prepared. You don't know this team very well. It has been a couple of years since we played them. So there has to be extra time and effort put into it."

After three games the Giants have turned the ball over just twice -- two Eli Manning interceptions -- after turning it over 42 times a season ago. The Giants are +4 in the turnover department thus far, fifth in the league. Asked about the improvement Coughlin said "Everybody is. Everybody is. Everybody is. Everybody is," making an effort to protect the ball. Yes, he said it three times.

"The point was driven home so hard that there isn't anyone in the room that can't quote you all of the stats and so on and so forth. People are trying to do a great job of focusing on ball security," Coughlin said. "From Eli's standpoint, don't throw to people in trouble, try to stay away putting it into the tightest spot."

Asked about his success the past six quarters (32-of-45) NFC Offensive Player of the Week Eli Manning had this to say:

"Sometimes you're just having the right plays and guys are getting open and having protection and things just working out, seeing things well and hitting the open guys. It's always a combination of things. Just get in rhythm, get in good down and distance. The guys protected well and we had a good game plan and [were] going to the right places," Manning said. "I think we're doing a good job of putting guys in a situation to have an understanding of what their routes are, what our combinations are. Guys are understanding [the offense] and getting open in a timely fashion."

You have to love Jason Pierre-Paul's attitude. The guy is second in the league in sacks, yet says it's fine with him if Osi Umenyiora starts and he comes off the bench when Umenyiora is ready for game action -- which might be this weekend.

"The way I play, when they put me in, I am going to get a sack regardless," Pierre-Paul said. "It is not if you start, you can come off the bench and you can do the same thing. It is just the way you play. There are enough snaps. I am going to get at least 40 or 50 snaps every game because people do get tired."

Every NFL fan knows wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is the Cardinals' best player. Giants' safety Antrel Rolle, a former teammate of Fitzgerald's in Arizona, said he has "never" seen a a defensive back shut Fitzgerald down one-on-one.

"I'm not saying it can't be done, I am saying that I haven't seen it done," Rolle said. "Everyone here is aware of his talents."

Justin Tuck a symbol of NY Giants' toughness as players battle through injury

"When you talk about neck or shoulder injuries you take your hat off to a guy who will stick it out with that," said linebacker Michael Boley. "Obviously he knows his body and he knows what it can take. But it says something that he's willing to put it on the line for us, his teammates."

No one knows what long-term price Tuck will play for playing with such injuries, but the immediacy of winning appears to outweigh it. It is the strongest message the Giants can send - they are bloodied, but unbowed.

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