BBV Pick'em Week 4

DAMN can our boy RoRo pick these games. Another week on top as he hits 14 correct in Week 3. He had both big upsets picking the Raiders and Bills to win.  Congratulations Ro on kicking some more arse. Wet Willie goes to StevSmithisaTraitor, I did not have you as someone who selected the previous weeks SSIAT, but damn bro you only got 8 right.

-In keeping with this years tradition I took over the reigns this week, and someone new should take care of this post next week. 

-PLEASE back me up and check your tally against what I have posted here. I'm not good at math and I'm extremely apathetic so i did not double check any of these tallys.

Here is last week's post:  BBV Pick'em, Week 3

Week 3 Scores:

New Orleans 40, Houston 33
NY Giants 29, Philadelphia 16
Carolina 16, Jacksonville 10
Buffalo 34, New England 31
Cleveland 17, Miami 16
San Francisco 13, Cincinnati 8
Tennessee 17, Denver 14
Detroit 26, Minnesota 23 (OT)
Baltimore 37, St. Louis 7
Oakland 34, NY Jets 24
San Diego 20, Kansas City 17
Seattle 13, Arizona 10
Tampa Bay 16, Atlanta 13
Green Bay 27, Chicago 17
Pittsburgh 23, Indianapolis 20
Dallas 18, Washington 16


Week 3 Results:

14- RoRo Foty Fo

12-Tito, Telco, WillG, Giants56, GiantRB27, Netsareboss

11-J-Man, Larry, Simmsy, GiantsFan4Life, LostinNJ, Wangstu, BrooksBridges, Plax, sv1031, njGiant, Amsterdam Admiral

10- Daddy Zander, Jcalifiore (no pick on NE game...but let's be real, you weren't picking Buffalo), brisulph, Troy O

9- 1GiantLion, tommy d, Blood of Eli

8- stevesmithisatraitor

We didn’t get picks from ESPNsucks, or Master ov Brutality. You guys stink the dink. 

Totals after Week 3:

39- FreeBradshaw

35- LostinJersey

34 - Larry

33 - J-Man, 1GiantLion, Simmsy, Giantsfan4life, DaddyZander, Wangstu, Tito, Telcochik, Jcalifiore, brooks bridges, sv1031

32- Plax, WillG, Giants56

31 - Brisulph, Troy O, GiantsRB27

30 - Amsterdam Admirals, netsareboss

29- njGiant,

28 - tommy d, blood of eli

Week 4 Games:

Detroit @ Dallas

Carolina @ Chicago

Buffalo @ Cincy

Tennessee @ Cleveland

Minnesota @ Kansas City

Washington @ St. Louis

New Orleans @ Jacksonville

Pittsburgh @ Houston

San Fran @ Philthadelphia


Atlanta @ Seattle

Miami @ San Diego

New England @ Oakland

Denver @ Green Bay

Jets @ Baltimore

Indy @ Tampa Bay

Good luck scoundrels. Quite the logjam at fourth place, let's open this biotch up!






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