Tom Coughlin: 'It Takes Everybody'

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said Monday that "I thought all three phases of our team, whether it be offense, defense, or special teams, played in harmony" during Sunday's 29-16 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Coughlin also said the victory is "something that you have to build on."

More highlights of Coughlin's Monday meeting with reporters can be found after the jump

Q: There didn't seem to be as many mental or physical errors in this game as there were the first two. Is this an example of what you mean by not shooting yourself in the foot?

A: That is what it is. Don't hurt your own team. Make the smart plays. When you look at Eli, the majority of the way he played was to keep the ball out of harm's way. He took some hits in order not to try to force some things in there when the timing wasn't good. He trusted Victor on that last play when he drilled the ball and threw it down field and Victor came through for him. There were those types of examples as well.

Q: After the injuries and losing guys in the preseason, to win that game yesterday, what does this say about your team?

A: Adversity makes you stronger, it really does. We have talked to our young ones about learning fast and learning on the fly and having the older players provide examples for them. We talked to the veteran guys and they are going to have to do more and perform at a higher level. The game is about toughness and it is about strength. It is about the mental part of the game and hopefully we are making some strides.

Q: After losing the people you have lost and now having people step up and perform, what does that tell you about the overall depth of your team?

A: You do realize that it takes everybody. Everybody on your team is going to get called upon at one time or another to make a contribution to help you win. These are just examples of that. If we continue to develop and perform at a high level with the guys that did it yesterday, then perhaps we will have more numbers to work with. That is what you are after. Whatever position you are talking about, it is the ability to have some flexibility within that group that gives you the opportunity to plan.

Q: How impressed are you by Jacquian Williams?

A: Very. He is a guy that studies hard and he has displayed quite frankly some things that a lot of times you don't get a chance to cover but yet it comes up on the field and the kid is in the right spot. He studies, he works, he is humble and he is quiet. You saw the speed in which he plays and he was able to go to the sidelines with McCoy, who is obviously having a heck of a year. That was impressive.

Q: Did you see any illegal hits by your defense against Michael Vick?

A: I don't think so. You have to say that it goes on both sides of the ball. It just happens and the game is so fast. Our quarterback had a flagrant facemask penalty that no one saw. I just think that it is part of the game and it may have been a glancing blow at one time but I couldn't verify it. I couldn't tell off the film, so no, I didn't. You play hard and you play fast and it goes both ways.

Q: How do you feel about Antrel's comments about his 15-yard penalty, that he was willing to take one to stand up to what was happening on the field?

A: I wasn't aware of his comments. Antrel is a tough kid and he really plays well down at the line of scrimmage. He is very physical. I think for all of us, in the competitive nature of that game, there are so many emotions going on, it really is important to grab a hold of yourself and stay under control. You never know what is going to happen if something happens and you are out of control. You can be ejected. You can cost your team valuable yardage. I know he thought at the half the way I am expressing it and hopefully he will learn and we all will learn.

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