New York Giants News & Notes: Let's Do This Thing Edition

Good morning, fellow Giants fans. It's Eagles week, and we all have our game faces on, don't we? This is one of two weekends during the NFL season that I walk around with that perpetual focused look and my wife has to ask what the heck I'm thinking about. I'm thinking about the Eagles, honey, and if I take this game face off, the Big Blue Universe might lose some of its edge. She is already dreading what will happen if the Giants lose--that I will be worthless the rest of the day, and that's a long day since the Giants are playing early. But I love this rivalry, and I look forward to Giants/Eagles every time because it brings out the best in both teams. Let's do this thing, guys (and gals).......

I have to say this--with each passing week, I'm less impressed with offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. Here were two of the answers to questions posed to KG on Thursday:

On how important it is to control the ball: "No different with this week compared to any other week..."

On why the Eagles have won six straight in this rivalry: "I think they are just a good football team. Last year we were on the field and had the game and weren’t able to seal the deal...."

I wasn't there, and I'm only reading this and not watching his body language, but I want Gilbride to have a little more fire and let us know that he thinks the two games against Philly are the most important games on the schedule, not just another game as he is implying. I also feel like our offensive game plans never do enough to keep the other team guessing, which might partially explain being horrendous on third and fourth down. Am I wrong for feeling this way?

Giants still haunted by December loss to Eagles, but focused more on this week - The Washington Post
Losing to the Philadelphia Eagles at the Meadowlands in December is one they will never live down. How can anyone forget the Meadowlands Meltdown? The Giants had a 31-10 lead with less than eight minutes to play, and they not only lost the game, they managed to do it in regulation, squandering a chance to take over first place in the NFC East and ultimately costing themselves a playoff berth.

Okay, we know we're going to be reminded of this game a lot on Sunday, so let's resign ourselves to that fact and just think about this Sunday's game. I will say, though, that I was thrilled that Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are doing the Packers/Bears game and not this one.

NY Giants need Randy Moss, should coax mercurial WR out of retirement to play with Eli Manning
Yes, it's a desperation call. But those are the kind that the Giants are going to have to start making if they're interested in salvaging a season that has been ravaged by injuries. Moss is the only free-agent receiver available with the kind of explosiveness that the Giants need right now. No disrespect to Victor Cruz, the Giants' second-year receiver, or Jerrel Jernigan, the rookie, but no one is going to get their popcorn ready to see them dance in the end zone.

I know some of you BBVers have mentioned Moss as a possibility, and while the guy can be a huge disruption, he's also got mad skills, and he can't possibly have lost all of them. I say give him a tryout.

New York Giants team report: Manningham not expected to play - NFL - Sporting News
WR Mario Manningham on Thursday had not yet been given medical clearance to practice, and it appears as if the big-play receiver is going to be doubtful to play in Sunday’s NFC East meeting with the Eagles.

I kind of wish we'd kept Derek Hagan around, but I guess that's just hindsight.

Philadelphia Eagles' Steve Smith has nothing to prove to New York Giants - ESPN New York
Ex-New York Giants wide receiver Steve Smith told Philadelphia reporters on Wednesday that he has nothing to prove to his former team this week. "What do I have to prove? They know exactly what I can do," Smith said at the Eagles' practice facility, less than a week before the NFC East rivals meet for their Sunday afternoon showdown at Lincoln Financial Field.

Eagles rotate linebackers as all three starters switch roles |
Only two games into the season, and already the Phildelphia Eagles have turned their starting linebackers into a merry-go-round. This week, the Eagles rotated all three of their starters, having them all switch positions — although none were demoted. Middle linebacker Casey Matthews was moved to weakside linebacker, Jamar Chaney has ben moved to middle linebacker and Moise Fokou will now start at strongside linebacker.

Here is some fantasy advice focusing on Hakeem Nicks, courtesy of the mother ship.

Finally, I'll leave you with an interesting read of "15 Things" to watch from someone who covers the Eagles.

It's go time, guys. Get your popcorn ready.....

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