New York Giants News & Notes: Giants Try To Bury The Past

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin understands who this week's opponent is. He, of course, knows the history. He also knows that his task this week is not to let the past influence what happens on Sunday when the Giants meet the Philadelphia Eagles.

"What I’m trying to do, okay, that was last year, this is this year. That’s the position I’m trying to take. We’re certainly aware of the fact what has taken place in the past. But we’re trying not to let that affect us right now as we prepare for this one," Coughlin said. " These teams have been playing each other for a long, long time. There is passion and all kind of things involved. Being in the division is important but every game is critical. A win is a win and that is what we are doing this for."

As he has had to way too many times already this season, Coughlin addressed the season-ending injury to wide receiver Domenik Hixon.

"Domenik worked so hard to get back. He is a great guy and a true pro. He studies and he works hard. He is great to his teammates," Coughlin said. "He carries himself with class and distinction and for a guy like that to make a great play and then be done for the season, that is a difficult blow."

Giants safety Antrel Rolle made some headlines earlier this week talking about looking forward to covering Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Rolle said Wednesday that he hoped Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick (concussion) would play because "I like going against the best." To be honest, I hope the rest of the Giants feel the same way. If the Giants win Sunday no one wants to hear Philly fans say "you only won because Vick didn't play."

Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin called Rolle "either insecure or scared" for talking about Jackson earlier in the week. Rolle, smartly, did not fuel the war of words when he talked to reporters.

"The game’s played on the field. It’s not played with words. It’s not played in the media," Rolle said. "The game’s played on the field. That’s something that we have to make our focus point and understand."

Loved this comment from quarterback Eli Manning when he was asked about dealing with all the injuries the Giants have suffered this season.

"You keep going. You keep preparing. If everything was easy and went perfectly, it kind of takes some of the fun out of it," Manning said. "It always makes it a great opportunity for some guys to step up and show what they’re made of and how they can go out there and make plays?"

Hakeem Nicks has another reception and Manning has an additional completion and 23 passing yards after a scoring change from the game Monday night.

With 6:37 remaining in the first quarter, the Giants faced a fourth-and-four from the Rams’ 32-yard line. Manning threw a pass to the left sideline for Nicks, who caught the ball as he was being interfered with by cornerback Bradley Fletcher. Referee Terry McAulay correctly announced that the Giants declined the penalty. But in the official game summary, it is written as no play with the Giants accepting the penalty.

The correction gives Nicks four catches for 38 yards in the game (and puts him over the 2,000-yard mark in his career at 2,002). Manning completed 19-of-30 passes for 223 yards.

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