A look at the game from the opponents perspective.

[Note by Ed Valentine, 09/22/11 7:19 AM EDT: Rather than remove this, as 'wild_eagle' thought I might I am front-paging it. This is terrific work from an Eagles fan, a solid game analysis well worthy of discussion. ]

I know you all will come after me for posting over here on this week, I know you'll likely get me when I post something week 11. I'm ready for the flak, but please come at me with something more than "No superbowls" and "Your QB killed dogs" because those just don't bother me...

I'm going to assume Vick is playing, I'm also going to assume Osi is playing. Obviously is one or both are out then things change.

Now, this week we have a very important match-up, I'm not even going to get into the details of it because you already know what is at stake on Sunday. So after the jump I'm going to get started.

(Ed or other Mods, if you feel the need to remove this there will be no hard feelings)

How the Eagles beat the Giants:

Throw the football:

The Eagles no doubt have a very good receiving core, Desean Jackson's always dangerous, Maclin came on real big in the Falcons game, Avants a good Slot guy, Coopers done some good things in his time here and Smith if healthy just adds to that. I think the forgotten man will be Celek against you guys, he will likely get free more than once.. It's safe for me to say that your CB's are struggling, Ross especially and your safety's have been out of position quite a bit, the edge here goes to the Eagles especially with Vick at the helm.

Now, not only are our WR's and TE dangerous but you have to account for McCoy, he's dangerous in the screen game and can turn a quick 3 yard pass into a 30 yard gain, I don't know how you guys will cover him but if you match him up with a LB you may have a long day.

Maintain a balanced Offense:

The Eagles can't get to caught up with passing the football, we have to run it. Your run defense the first two games has been pretty good, you've only allowed 133 rushing yards all season however the Eagles have put up 369 yards on the ground over the first two weeks of the season... I'm positive this will likely be a huge factor in the outcome of the game on Sunday.

Get pressure on Eli:

Best way to stop the Giants is to pressure Eli, the Giants have given up 7 sacks in the first two games where as the Eagles have accumulated 9 sacks in the first two games. Babin's been tough to stop at the LDE position, Cole absolutely abused Baker last week against the Falcons and Jenkins has been a major force up the middle.

If the Eagles can steer you away from throwing the ball we can key on on the running game and stop that, or at worst make it a shoot out where it's Passing team vs Running team because that gives us a major advantage.

Stop the Run:

The Eagles will have to stop the run. We moved our LB's around, Chaney's now our MIKE, Fokou's now our SAM and Matthews is now the WILL. This is good in my opinion and I was hoping to see this actually because Chaney's been much better at shedding blocks and making tackles in traffic than Matthews has and Fokou's a natural SAM LB anyway and Matthews is just good in space, he'll likely have more success at the WILL position which fits his strengths.

With our DL we don't play the run for the most part, we're looking to kill the QB and stop the RB if possible, the run defense falls upon the LB's.. As I said above, this will also be a major factor in how the game goes.

How the Giants beat the Eagles:

Now, this is from my perspective. This is how I'd approach playing the Eagles.

Test the Linebackers:

The first thing you guys should and probably will do is test the LB's, force them to stop your running game, make them cover your backs and TE's. This has been our struggles so far this season and especially with our shake-up today you should target them early and often.

Run the football, then run it some more:

As said above, run on us, we've had some issues with stopping it so far this season and that likely won't magically stop with a shake-up... Run the draw play, that seems to do the most damage and gets your OLmen on our LB's. If Jacobs runs like he did before he took dance lessons this could prove to be deadly for the Eagles and I fear what'd happen with Bradshaw once he hit our secondary with a few OLmen there to block for him.

Win time of possession:

Own the clock, keep the ball away from the Eagles offense... This not only limits our playmakers chances of taking over a game but our D really seemed to struggle when on the field for to long. Once again this goes to the running game...

Smart Eli must show up:

Eli can't make some of the throws he has over the years, our CB's are very good, our Safety's are adequate... If you throw a bad pass it's likely it won't end well for you... You must protect Eli and give him time if you hope to pass on us.

Stop Vick:

It seems to me that the DB's blitzing from the blindside have been hurting us since late last season, I expect the Giants to continue this trend and bring the heat.. But when you blitz you must hit home because if Vick gets a small crease he's gone.

Get pressure up the middle:

The Eagles have 3 new guys in the middle of our OL. Mathis is a good all around Guard, there's been little drop off from Herremans to him, so I'm not worried about him. Kelce has been very effective and has shown why Mudd loves him, but still he gets beat more than I'd like. DeVan on the other hand is just a stop gap til Watkins shows he can get a handle on the calls and playbook, he has his moments where he's good and he's got moments when he looks downright terrible, if I were the DL coach I'd be telling whoevers lining up in the middle to attack DeVan because he's the weak link.

Final notes:

I am excited about this game, it will be a hard fought one between rivals. I've said it 100x over here, the Giants could field an entire team of BBV members against us and scare me, rivalry's are like that and they should stay that way. I feel both teams strengths match up well with the others weaknesses so this should be a fun one to watch.

I think we need to just forget the Miracle in the New Meadowlands, both as Eagles and Giants fans, it was an anomaly.. Now if the Eagles repeat or just tear you to shreds then I won't think it's an anomaly anymore because we've proven we can dominate again.. But until that happens I'm labeling it as such.

I would also like to say that I hope nobody gets hurt in this game on either side. I don't want to see anybody in any uniform injured because they're a human being and one should care for their fellow man no matter what team affiliation they have... I wish you guys luck with your injuries, but again I hope the Eagles will win.

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