New York Giants' Injuries, And Other Post-Game Notes

Final - 9.19.2011 1 2 3 4 Total
St. Louis Rams 6 0 10 0 16
New York Giants 7 14 7 0 28

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Of course the New York Giants could not get through a game without a couple of injuries. You expected anything different?

Wide receivers Mario Manningham (concussion) and Domenik Hixon (left knee) were Monday night's casualties. The severity of both injuries is not yet known.

Thing is, if Manningham does not bobble a pass from Eli Manning that went for a 31-yard reception neither injury happens. Manningham, who was wide open, scores easily if he makes a clean catch. Instead, he falls to the turf, bangs his head and gets a concussion. A couple of plays later, Hixon makes one of the best catches you will see, but in the process gets his left foot pinned underneath him and re-injuries his surgically repaired knee. Hixon played briefly in the second half, but coach Tom Coughlin said Hixon "just didn't feel right."

Here, by the way, is Hixon's catch:

Domenik Hixon juggling catch (via atcjzero)

How bad was cornerback Aaron Ross Monday night? It's no secret that Ross, benched for part of the second half, will be on the 'Wet Willies' list later on. Aaron, dude, the idea is to cover guys -- not give them 15 yards of space to do whatever they want. Oh, and when they make a catch and lay on the ground you have to touch them -- in case you forgot, this is not college anymore.

Coach Tom Coughlin tried to prop Ross up after the game.

"It [the benching] was an attempt to find a solution to one of the problems we were having. There’s nothing wrong with playing a lot of people. It’s not an indictment on anybody. Just trying to solve an issue. He went right back into the game and he was our punt returner at the end of the game. Did a nice job as well," Coughlin said.

Michael Coe gave up a 19-yard touchdown pass to Danario Alexander while he was in the game. At least, though, Coe was in the same area code as Alexander on the play. It was simply a really nice throw by Rams quarterback Sam Bradford and a better catch.

Here is a question. Where was 10-year veteran Brian Williams? The former Atlanta corner, signed as a free agent right before the start of the season, has been virtually unused in two games. The fact that the Giants went to Coe before Williams tells you they can't like what they see from the veteran.

The Giants secondary has now given up 305 yards passing to Washington quarterback Rex Grossman and 331 to Bradford. What on earth will happen when the Giants play a team with quality wide receivers and a top-flight quarterback? Like, oh, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Michael Boley's 65-yard touchdown return on a fumble was the first touchdown of his seven-year career.

"Boley’s play is tremendous. I’ve seen that same thing happen a lot of times where guys just leave the ball there and think it’s an incomplete pass," said Justin Tuck. "I think that happened last year, or two years ago. We weren’t prepared that game. That could have been another pitch away from a game-changing situation. Tonight, Boley saw it."

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