Giants 28, Rams 16: Post-Game Quotebook

Here is some of what was being said following Monday night's 28-16 victory by the New York Giants over the St. Louis Rams.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin:

"Good job to win at home. Obviously there is much to be improved upon, which is okay. We’ll accept that fact. It was a physical game. They went no-huddle. We went no-huddle early on. We had a lot of things to have to contend with. They had a great plan on both sides. We were able to win out in the end. The drive before the half, obviously, was critical."

Coughlin on the Giants' running game:

"We ran it 30 times. We didn’t have a lot of numbers for it, but we did run the ball 30 times, which is what we attempted to do. I don’t think there is anyone sitting here that doesn’t realize that when there are 27 guys in the box you’re going to have to throw the ball at times. You do attempt to have good balance and that was a good number for us to attempt tonight. Although, we didn’t have a lot of big plays, didn’t have a lot of opportunity for numbers."

Coughlin on the importance of winning Monday night:

"Importance is obviously watching everybody else play this weekend. To be one and one, to have Dallas one and one, to have Philadelphia one and one, to have Washington in the lead at 2-0, it was important for us to keep the pace."

Coughlin on the interception thrown by Eli Manning on the Giants' opening drive:

"He could have thrown it in there better. I’m not sure he saw the safety. The safety was way on his way to the ball before he let it go. I think he was just trying to guide the ball in there thinking there was no one else there. It probably got down the field a little bit further than he wanted it to.

"If you’re free and the safety is stuck in the middle of the field, you can throw it anyway you want to. But you if you have to step on it to get the ball in there then you should have done that. I’m not sure he saw the safety. I know I did. I picked the safety up real quick and I thought he’s over there an awful long way towards what we’re trying to accomplish."

Defensive end Justin Tuck, asked if this was an 'ugly' win:

"There’s no such thing as an ugly win--a win is a win. With all the parity in this league, they are a part of the comeback. We’ll take a win any way they come. Obviously there are things we need to correct and get better at, but we’re still proud with how we played tonight."

Running back Brandon Jacobs:

"I feel like we can play so much better than what we showed today. I’m going to be real hard on this football team because we all expect the best out of each other and that is what we look forward to giving each other every week.

We made some big third down conversions tonight. We had Victor Cruz and Mario make some big third down conversions. I still think we are a whole lot better than what we showed."

Ahmad Bradshaw on the Giants running the ball more:

"Yeah, I’m so happy. They told me we would and I was kind of hoping so, but it all depends on how the game is going and how we’re progressing with the run. We did alright early in the game and I was kind of happy with touching the ball.

"They kept their eight men in the box. They tried to stop the run after awhile. We were getting a lot of cutbacks early in the game and we need to be aggressive, but we were able to keep running."

Manning on the touchdown right before the half:

"That was a big drive. We really hadn’t got much of a rhythm and we only had one good drive during the game. All of a sudden we hit a couple plays, although it didn’t start well with (a) holding call, but we overcame that. They had some penalties and we hit Manningham on the sidelines for a big chunk of change and that got us into scoring position and then Hixon with a good catch hanging with that ball. That was a big momentum changer right there and extended the lead and getting a touchdown in that situation."

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