What is the Definition of an "Elite" Quarterback?

Yeah, I'm about to take it there. I was quiet on this issue and when I heard about it in the news, I didn't say anything about it for about a few weeks I believe. But now, after I heard one of Eli's delusional disciples bring it up again, I had to make this Fanpost just to get this off my chest. This all started when some smart alec reporter felt like it would be hilarious to ask little brother Manning a trick question that he knew for certain, that Eli would do the obvious... put his foot in his mouth. If he had one ounce of slick sarcasm in his body, he would've reminded that moron that he does in fact have a Super Bowl ring, and a Super Bowl MVP trophy to go along with it. That would have been the most appropriate answer, but of course, he wasn't quick witted enough to realize that he was really being baited into a bone-headed soundbyte for a few laughs. The reporter (I'm pretty sure that you've all heard already) asks Eli if he was in the same class as the league's 'elite' QBs like Tom Brady, which of course, the obvious answer is no. But like always, there are some who believe otherwise, regardless of the plain as day, black and white, cold, hard facts of the matter at hand. So on that note, let us explore what an 'elite' quarterback is starting with the word "Elite".

Elite- (adj.)  A group of people considered to be the best in a particular society or category, esp. because of their power, talent, or wealth.


Note the word, "best" in that definition... it did not say good, it did not say above average, it didn't say OK, it said "the best". Now let me back up my argument with a few stats of QBs in the NFL who most people consider to be the "elite" class. Normally, when people think of an elite QB, the main five names seem to consistently pop up; Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and just to be somewhat controversial, I'll throw in Phillip Rivers. So let's take a look at their career stats compared to Eli Manning's career stats to see if he fits in with these guys.

Tom Brady Career Stats:

In 12 seasons, Brady has a career passer rating of 95.8, amassing 35,684 passing yards with 268 TDs vs. 104 INTs


Peyton Manning Career Stats:

In 14 seasons, Peyton has a career passer rating of 94.9, amassing 54,828 passing yards with 399 TDs vs. 198 INTs


Drew Brees Career Stats:

In 11 seasons, Brees has a career passer rating of 92.2, amassing 35,955 passing yards with 241 TDs vs. 132 INTs


Aaron Rodgers Career Stats:

In 7 seasons, Rodgers has a career passer rating of 99.5, amassing 13,343 passing yards with 92 TDs vs. 32 INTs


Phillip Rivers Career Stats:

In 8 seasons, Rivers has a career passer rating of 96.9, amassing 20,374 passing yards with 140 TDs vs. 62 INTs


Finally,... drumroll please..


Eli Manning Career Stats

In 8 seasons, Eli has a career passer rating of 80.1, amassing 22,914 passing yards with 156 TDs vs. 114 INTs


For those of you who consider these numbers to be "elite", you apparently are oblivious to what the meaning of the word is. If you believe that little brother Manning is really in a class with Peyton, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, and Rivers, then you must not know what the word "best" means either. Numbers don't lie, and from the looks of these numbers Eli falls waaaaayy short of that "elite" title. A more suitable title for those career stats are "above average" or "good". Eli's passer rating, and TD to INT ratio clearly displays his lack of being in this class. Deny it all you want to, even he knows that statement that he made was nothing more than a bold face lie.


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