Madden Simulation: Giants 17, Rams 6

Had some time on my hands and thought this would be fun to do. For the game i had Nicks and Tuck active and all the other injured Giants players were out. I did not add Stokley. On the Rams side, i had Steven Jackson in, but Amendola out.

This actually turned out like it could've been a real Giants game. Manning wasn't spectacular or horrible, he was serviceable. He threw for 191 yds with a TD and an INT. In typical Giants fashion, the pass was tipped off a receiver and into the hands of a defender. Eli's favorite targets once again were Nicks and Ham, with no one else really stepping up in the receiving core. I'll have more stats after the write-up. Giants offense had some trouble moving the ball, but did enuff to win. There were also key drops in the game: Hixon (2), Manningham, Bradshaw. And the game wouldn't be complete without a Tynes missed field goal. The one thing i liked from this sim, was how the Giants pounded the rock, which i hope they do in the real game. Rushing attack compiled 153 yds on 36 attempts. The defense was very stout, gave up no TD's, holding Sam Bradford to only 164 yds, sacking him 5 times and picking him off twice. Not only was the secondary much improved, the run defense held strong again, giving up only 85 yds on the ground. Here are the stats:



Manning: 17/30, 191 yds, 1 TD, INT, Sacked once


Bradshaw: 21 attempts, 79 yds

Jacobs: 14 attempts, 66 yds, 1 TD

Hynoski: 1 attempt, 8 yds


Manningham: 7 catches, 72 yds

Nicks: 5 catches, 84 yds, 1 TD

Hixon: 3 catches, 18 yds

Cruz: 2 catches, 10 yds

Bradshaw: 2 catches, 7 yds

Sacks: Tuck (2), Canty, JPP, Kiwi

INT: Rolle, B.Williams

Kicking: Tynes 1/2, Made 38 yds, Missed 49 yds



Sam Bradford: 16/38, 164 yds, 0 TD, 2 INT, Sacked five times


Steven Jackson: 12 attempts, 52 yds

Cadillac Williams: 11 attempts, 33 yds


Brandon Gibson: 5 catches, 74 yds

Mike S. Walker: 4 catches, 42 yds

Danario Alexander: 3 catches, 16 yds

Lance Kendricks: 2 catches, 9 yds

Steven Jackson: 1 catch, 18 yds

Cadillac Williams: 1 catch, 5 yds

Sack: James Laurinaitis

INT: Quintin Mikell

Kicking: Josh Brown 2/2, Made 35 yds, 41 yds

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