New York Giants Notes: Friday Before Monday Edition

Good morning, fellow Giants fans. I don't know about you, but I'm not crazy about our team playing on Monday night. For one, it's one more day that we have to wait to watch them play. Two, I think some players know they are being watched by the whole country (and beyond), and get antsy. On the flip side, it's something to look forward to all day Monday, and I guess it's one extra day for players such as Hakeem Nicks to heal injuries. And believe me, I'm looking forward to this game as I know many of you are--because I think we can get to 1-1 and put last Sunday behind us. Let's see what else is happening out there....

Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell explains lapses on defense |
After watching the film from last week's 28-14 loss to the Washington Redskins, Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell concluded that the problem was not the zone defense the Giants were in, which was not significantly more than normal. On seven of the plays that yielded 18 or more yards, five included mental errors that need to be corrected. "We let people run free who shouldn't have been let run free," Fewell said. "That's communication. That's them getting to know each other."

Um, okay. Whatever it was, it was ugly, and it seemed like no Giant was ever near the ball once it was in the air. And did anyone ask Fewell or TC why the Giants abandoned the pressure that had Rex Grossman rushing his throws early in the game?

Tom Coughlin job security will be in question if Giants fall to Rams and Eagles to open season 0-3
Can you imagine the hysteria around here if the Giants lose Monday night? Considering they would be 0-2 heading into Week 3 against the Dream Team in Philly, there is tremendous pressure on them to beat the Rams.

Yeah, he went there, but I think we're all trying not to think about that possibility. And after last Sunday, the Giants' Super Bowl prospects have apparently dropped too, along with the Jets' prospects.

New York Giants lack fire New York Jets have in abundance - ESPN New York
Just one week into the NFL season, we already know that the New York Giants have a depleted defensive line, a shredded secondary, barely a tight end worth speaking of, no third receiver worth mentioning, an offensive line that's a work in progress, a head coach with a drill-instructor mentality and a quarterback seemingly with no personality whatsoever. Forget about the Giants losing to the Washington Redskins on Sunday; under this type of duress, it's worth wondering how they managed to be competitive for a half.

Giants linebacker says his experience is that NFL teams attack injured players - The Washington Post

New York Giants linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka says the NFL tends not to show any mercy when it comes to playing against an injured foe. Kiwanuka has played with injuries and had opposing players go after whatever part of his body was aching. That’s why he bluntly said not to be surprised if the Giants somehow hit the bruised index finger on the right hand of St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford on Monday night. When asked if he would do it, Kiwanuka pleaded the fifth.

New York Giants: Steve Spagnuolo's time in New York has influenced his approach in St. Louis. - ESPN New York
When Steve Spagnuolo needs advice on how to handle something with the St. Louis Rams, he'll sometimes reach for his cellphone and text Tom Coughlin.

Does anyone else have a hard time seeing ol' TC racking up his texting minutes?

Sam Bradford's hand checks out sooner than Rams expected - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The St. Louis Rams piled up enough injury concerns in their season opener. The good news is they’ll no longer have to worry too much about the bruised right index finger Sam Bradford(notes) suffered in the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Bradford threw in practice on Wednesday and the original plan was for him to not do that until (Thursday) or Friday.

Rams hope to learn from dropped passes
With the NFC West title on the line last Jan. 2 in Seattle, several dropped passes helped doom the Rams to a 16-6 loss and a sixth consecutive season without a playoff berth. As the front office and coaching staff began fashioning their offseason plan, they were determined to add wide receivers and tight ends that could catch the football. That played into the team's decision to add a tight end (Lance Kendricks) and two wide receivers (Austin Pettis, Greg Salas) in the draft. All three had reputations as sure-handed receivers. For the most part, the Rams caught the ball well in the preseason, and then came the regular-season opener against Philadelphia and a bad case of the dropsies.

You guys have a great weekend, and let's hope the Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins all lose.

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