My Twitter Squabble with Michael Strahan

I swear I don't know how I get myself into these things.

I use a program on my phone called Tweetcaster for Twittering. When you haven't looked at your tweets in a while, it consolidates them in a stream, and puts a banner on your phone that says "Detect Gap". You can then touch the banner, and it will fill in the missing tweets.

I tweeted this morning "When Tweetcaster gives the "Detect Gap" banner in your stream it should just show a picture of @michaelstrahan" ......seeing as how he is known for the gap, and poked fun at himself for it in commercials, I thought it was funny.

An hour later, I get a Direct Message from none other than Michael Strahan. He says "And you wonder why no one listens to your show and wonders who you are. Maybe if you were actually funny, it would help"

Now I can't DM him back, he doesn't follow me of course, so I tweet "I just got a DM from @michaelstrahan, I am both honored and disappointed. Say what you want about our radio show Mike, but I guarantee you it gets better ratings than "Brothers" (Strahan's horrible sitcom)

So he replies "I wasn't nasty, I just said if you were funny more than 3 people would listen to your show (referring to Blueshirt Underground Radio, my radio show about the Rangers)."

To which I replied "Actually more than 3 people do listen to my show, and many people do find me funny. I just figured that you would find humor in something that you are known for and something you've had fun with in the past in commercials"

And then I added "Maybe if you were that funny more than three people would have watched "Brothers"

Then he sent me another DM, saying "Dude me arguing with you is like a lion paying attention to a fly in its back!" Shoo fly! U follow me for a reason! Who are you, LMAO!"

Why Michael Strahan is so worried about what I say about him on Twitter is beyond me. I find the whole thing comical. Strahan has a half million followers, and he's worried about me. He even blocked my wife, which is even funnier. After all these years, who knew he was so sensitive about the gap?

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