New York Giants Notes: Have To Play Better Edition

LANDOVER, MD - SEPTEMBER 11: London Fletcher #59 of the Washington Redskins celebrates after a sack against the New York Giants season-opening game at FedEx Field on September 11, 2011 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Good morning, fellow Giants fans. I thought that by now I'd be feeling a little better about Sunday's loss in Washington to open the season, and that it would be easy to pick up the pieces and move on to prepare for the Rams. But I still feel uneasy, especially after hearing Tom Coughlin say as he did Monday, "We just have to get going, We have to start playing. The mistakes from the preseason – it’s not preseason. Nothing else matters but getting it right." I know, what's he supposed to say? And of course, he's right. But I and many of you want to see it and not just hear it. And a win Monday night in the home opener would go a long way toward making us believe they can play better.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning faces arguably most challenging year of career - ESPN New York
The most important opinion on the Giants' roster belongs to Manning. If the Giants are going to snap a two-year playoff drought, Manning must not only lift his own game up, but he has to be the one to make everything work on offense.

On Tuesday, Ed wrote about evaluating Jerry Reese, complete with a chart compiled by a BBV reader. Then there was a rebuttal by Big Blue Intervention that we posted. And today, The Daily News' Ralph Vacchiano weighs in and stands up for Reese, saying it's only one game of 16.

You may want to look away from the screen or skip down if you're squeamish...oh, hell, you've seen Lawrence Taylor break Joe Theismann's leg. But I'm talking about the power rankings put out by Yahoo Sports, as the Giants are ranked No. 22. For the record, the Eagles are fourth, the Cowboys 12th and the Redskins 14th. I thought it was interesting that the blurb says that the Giants need to find play makers on offense quickly. They have them, they just have to utilize them, and what they really need to do is not let receivers roam so free.

Redskins nix call for ‘Victory Monday,’ players decide they don’t want the extra day off - The Washington Post
There were a few calls of "Victory Monday," ‘’Victory Monday" in the Washington Redskins locker room after the long overdue win over the nemesis New York Giants. Linebacker London Fletcher and other team captains vetoed that idea in a hurry.

Yeah, by the way--every time I see London Fletcher play, I wish he was wearing blue. This is a guy who came from a Divsion III school (John Carroll), and plays every game like he's still thrilled to be in the NFL.

New York Giants pay surprise visit to youngsters at Staten Island's Prall Intermediate School |
Because of something very, very bad that happened to Mike Gutmajer five and a half years ago, something really, really cool happened to the eighth-graders at Prall Intermediate School in West Brighton today. The Giants came to visit. Not all of them, mind you. But first-round cornerback Prince Amukamara was there, along with fellow cornerback Michael Coe and safety Derrick Martin, to encourage the kids at the school to get up, go out, and exercise for at least an hour a day.

Chris Neild quickly becomes Mr. Relevant - The Insider - The Washington Post
As the 253rd overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Redskins nose tackle Chris Neild was selected ahead of only one other player. Now, as one of the top performing rookies on the NFL’s opening weekend, there’s only one name above his among the league’s sack leaders. Neild’s two sacks against the New York Giants represent quite a climb for a guy who was a borderline draft pick, and then appeared doomed to Washington’s practice squad. Suddenly, he’s a key contributer.

Weekly column: America’s Team’s quarterback becomes America’s biggest choker | Daily Sundial
The Dallas Cowboys entered this year hoping to forget last season’s blunder which ended with a playoff-less 6-10 record. However, what they’ve gotten so far is more of the same: Romo and his inability to lead them in crucial moments. With about a minute left in a 24-24 tie with the New York Jets Sunday night, Romo threw an interception, his second fourth-quarter turnover, when he forced a pass to Dez Bryant, which led to a game-winning 50-yard field goal by Nick Folk.

Wow. And that wasn't the only story I read that put Romo's name and "choke" in the same sentence. He's still a pretty good quarterback, but articles like this make me smile anyway.

End of the line for Donny Mack? | Incites | 09/13/2011
Less than three years removed from the NFC title game, Donovan McNabb looks more and more like a guy who’s at the end of the line.’s Don Banks said McNabb's massive fade is the worst he can recall.

New Rams offense looks a lot like old Rams offense
The Rams offense Sunday looked a lot like, well, the Rams offense last year ... Very conservative. A lot of short passes. Where is the deep ball? Are the Rams still lacking a deep threat who can get separation?

Well, hey, after the Rams watch film of the Giants' game, they might be inclined to take a few more shots down the field.

I'll leave you with this, fellas. It was a tough loss on Sunday, and it's hard to start out 0-1 with a brutal schedule ahead. The Giants will play better, and they will probably also have more games like Sunday's loss, but I still feel pretty good that we have a football season at all, when there were many months of being left in the dark. Let's go Giants!

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