Coughlin-Haters Rejoice

I am a huge supporter of Tom Coughlin.

Ok, maybe 'huge supporter' is a bit of an exaggeration. I just find the need to stand up for him whenever the Internet GMs want him fired after all the great things he has done for the franchise.

He turned a losing team into a winner.
Allow me to repeat that...
He turned a losing team into a winner.

I'm honestly not a member of the 'Tom Coughlin Fan Club' (I did not get my application in by the deadline).
However, I do have a television set. I got myself a fancy AM/FM radio. I also happen to have access to the internet. In fact, I could Wiki 'NY Giants', and guess what I would find- a team that hasn't had a losing record since 2004. A team that won a Superbowl in 2007. A team that earned double-digit wins 4 out of the last 6 years.

But Coughlin-haters rejoice- I am going to bum a ride on your 'Fire Coughlin' bandwagon (scoot over please). I'll hitch a ride, if only for the length of this Fanpost.

I had a startling realization today. Forgive me if this seems oddly personal, and potentially irrelevant, but it is true:

After teaching a piano lesson (a get-rich quick scheme I conceived), I became increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress from the student I was working with. It became apparent to me that over the course of the summer, this student tuned me out.

In my overwhelming frustration, I did what any other Giants fan would do- I went home and checked out this great website called

I stumbled upon quite a few comments disparaging Tom Coughlin. To summarize the comments, I'll make one of my own:
"Coughlin preaches discipline, good decision making, and hard work. This message is clearly not resonating with the team."

My defenses kicked in. I immediately wanted to point out Coughlin's record with the team. I wanted to mention the Superbowl. I also wanted to eat a bowl of pasta, but there was no more pasta in the cupboard.

Truth be told, this observation about Coughlin couldn't be more accurate. Put aside Coughlin's track record. Put aside his Superbowl. Think about what he preaches as a coach. Ball control? Penalties? Decision making? I'm not so sure his message is resonating with his team.

This brings be back to my 'get-rich quick scheme' of teaching piano lessons. It is up to me, not the student, to adjust the delivery of my message. My message can remain the same, but as a teacher, can I really blame a student for not meeting my demands? Isn't it my challenge to find some way of connecting with this student? Sometimes I need to be creative, think on my feet, adjust on the fly, but under no circumstances should a teacher ever say "I said what needs to be done, it's not my fault that the student isn't executing."
I have heard that excuse from Coughlin. There are 1600 players in the NFL. Why is it that the players on the NY Giants aren't executing?
Ball control? Penalties? Decision making?

Have at it, Coughlin-haters. And thanks for the ride.

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