New York Giants Notes: The Hangover Edition

LANDOVER, MD - SEPTEMBER 11: Rex Grossman #8 of the Washington Redskins heads off the field after the game against the New York Giants season-opening game at FedEx Field on September 11, 2011 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Good morning, fellow Giants fans. Yes, we are feeling like crap today. Yes, the Giants lost a game they should have won. It's like a bad hangover indeed. The good thing, though, like a hangover, is that you can drink a lot of water, eat some eggs and take something for your headache. And you start to feel better. The Giants will watch film of their 28-14 loss Sunday in Washington (their first season opening loss to the Redskins since 1976) and then move on, because that's what you do in the NFL--you move on and look ahead. Remember, we began the 2007 campaign 0-2 and then went 14-4 the rest of the way. And there were certainly a few bright spots amidst the sloppy play Sunday. Tom Coughlin had this to say, and after that you can read my clippings from around the Web:

"We won’t make any excuses about that," Coughlin said. "We came down here, we were very well prepared and our guys were excited about playing. We knew the significance of the day and we wanted to pay our respects by the way in which we played. As I said, other than a couple of things that took place in the first half, it was highly competitive. We did not play the same way in the second half, obviously. Offensively we didn’t do a thing – we didn’t score a point. That was very disappointing."

New York Giants make same old mistakes in season-opening loss to Washington Redskins - ESPN New York
Chris Canty packed up his belongings and left FedEx Field, feeling the same type of emotions the New York Giants experienced all too often last season. Angry and beyond frustrated, Canty had no answers for why Tom Coughlin's team just can't seem to get out of its own way. "We just made the mistakes that Coach Coughlin continues to tell us that we can't make," an exasperated Canty said after a 28-14 season-opening loss to the Washington Redskins. "We continue to do the things that he says we can't do. At some point, we as a team got to listen."

It's easy to see how Canty would be frustrated, but will his comments cause any problems in the locker room? For me, I like the fire and I think it shows some leadership, especially on defense, that the team needs right now.

Eli Manning, New York Giants learn the hard way vs. Redskins that no easy games exist on NFL slate
All the things the Giants had lost - a cohesive offensive line, a reliable third receiver, a solid secondary and fearsome pass rush - came back to bite them. And whatever strengths they thought they had - a veteran quarterback with a big-play receiver and a punishing rushing attack - were negated by mistakes (a blocked field goal and an interception returned for a TD) and ineptitude on third down (1-for-10). After losing to the Redskins, perceived to be the weakest team in the NFC East, this harsh reality is staring the Giants in the face - there are no gimmes on the schedule.

Giants, Needing Some Early Wins, Stumble in Opener -
The Giants, and their fans, know what awaits them. Many have pointed to the Giants’ schedule in November and December, when expected powerhouses like New England, the Jets and Green Bay loom, as a reason the opening two months of the season felt all the more critical.

Let's just hope Big Blue can get some injured bodies back as the season wears on, figure out what they did wrong and move on. They certainly have the weapons to turn things around.

Giants' Justin Tuck sits out of loss to Redskins, looks to return next week |
Tuck’s streak of 64 consecutive regular-season games played ended on the same day Eli Manning (104 games) became the NFL’s active leader in that department. Tuck believes he’ll start a new streak next Monday against the St. Louis Rams.

Of course, JPP played really well again, as did Dave Tollefson (two sacks, one sack, respectively, and a lot of hits on Grossman that didn't register in the boxscore). The pressure on Grossman was constant, but he just continued to make plays that burned us.

Nothing special this Tynes around -
It appears the Giants do not have the sort of talent and depth on their roster to get by with sloppy work on special teams. They embarked on their season yesterday with a whopper of a blunder. Tucked into their 28-14 loss to the Redskins was a blocked Lawrence Tynes field goal attempt that completely took any air out of a potential comeback. Trailing 21-14 in the fourth quarter, Tynes lined up for a 38-yard attempt, but it never had a chance when linebacker Brian Orakpo was able to reach up and with a backhand swat the ball down. "There was penetration on the left side and the ball was not elevated well," coach Tom Coughlin said.

If you can read between the lines there, Coughlin is not pleased with Tynes or the blockers up front on the field goal team.

Grossman is no longer a leaguewide punching bag - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
On Sunday the Giants came hard for Rex Grossman, thinking they could break him. They came in a flood of blue and white jerseys, first only four but then five and then six. On the sideline, after each series, the Redskins linemen looked around wondering what was happening. "They’re bringing extra guys," the coaches said. And Grossman stared at the defenders streaming in, glanced downfield and fired away. He got six passes to Santana Moss(notes) and five to tight end Fred Davis(notes) and another three to Jabar Gaffney(notes) and two more to Anthony Armstrong(notes). Six players in all. Whatever the Giants figured they could do to him clearly didn’t work.

Washington Redskins open Week 1 with big win over N.Y. Giants - Don Banks -
One week does not a successful season make, but Washington is off to an impressive start in 2011, and it has plenty to do with all the new faces in new places that dot the lineups on both sides of the ball. Some are rookies, and some are veterans, but so many of them found ways to contribute significantly on Sunday to a Redskins team that had lost nine of its past 10 meetings with its NFC East neighbor to the north.

D'Alessandro: Giants suffer quite a dropoff with patchwork lineup against Redskins |
This won’t exactly curdle your coffee, but we’ll mention it anyway. This is who they are now, and for the foreseeable future. The Giants are not only flawed, at times they’re comically flawed. And so it goes when you have a team with four starters missing on defense, a team with 11 rookies, a team that took a punch yesterday and came to pieces.


Secondary's Problems Strike Deep -
The New York Giants had the makings of a dominating defensive secondary when they entered pre-season in August. Sunday, it looked more like the team's soft underbelly. The secondary allowed Washington Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman to throw for 305 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. Grossman, who had to battle in training camp for a starting job with the Redskins, had a career completion percentage of 54% and a career passer rating of 70.9 coming into the game. Sunday, he completed 62% of his passes against the Giants for a passer rating of 110.5.

Washington Redskins beat New York Giants, showing newfound confidence - The Washington Post
The Washington Redskins’ new quarterback looked more than competent, throwing a pair of touchdowns. Their shiny new first-round draft pick not only batted an opponent’s pass into the air, but caught it himself and stumbled in for a score. The defense came up with four sacks. The backup tight end caught more than 100 yards in passes. And a key division rival fell.

New York Giants, Washington Redskins, New York Jets remember 9/11 anniversary - ESPN New York
The New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys may be enemies on the field, but before Sunday night's season opener at MetLife Stadium they stood as one -- united with the rest of the nation on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. During a pregame ceremony -- 12 miles from Ground Zero, the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks a decade ago -- players from the Jets and Cowboys joined members of the military, FDNY, NYPD and PAPD in unfurling a full-field American flag from sideline to sideline to chants of "USA! USA!" by the crowd before the singing of the national anthem, which was performed by Grammy Award-winning country trio Lady Antebellum.

Indeed, it was an emotional start to the season, followed by a lot of crazy one-sided games and upsets, the latter including what transpired in Washington. But by the time I put my Wednesday notebook together, I bet we'll all be feeling better and ready to move on. Because we have to, and because there are fifteen games left on the schedule.

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