New York Giants Notes: Preseason Finale Edition

Good morning, New York Giants fans! We will have lots of goodies for you today -- including a surprise exclusive interview that will post a little later this morning -- but let's start your day with a handful of notes this morning.

Giants Gameday: New England Patriots host Giants in final preseason game |

The most interesting thing I found in the Star-Ledger preview of Thursday night's preseason finale against New England was the following quote from third-year linebacker Clint Sintim. In case you did not notice, by the way, Sintim played very well Monday against the New York Jets.

"I think the biggest thing I can do is earn their trust. I’ve said this before. I have the utmost confidence in myself. And I think what hinders me is the trust level between them and me. And I think the more I can earn their trust as a player, the more I can earn playing time. The fumble was just one of those plays when I saw the ball, and it was an opportunity for me to make a play and I made it."

Giants' Jerrel Jernigan remains questionable as punt returner |
Jernigan has another chance to prove himself tonight against Patriots Starters To Be Scarce Come Thursday
Because of the proximity to Monday's Giants-Jets game, Thursday's preseason finale in New England may feature no Giants starters. Can't blame Tom Coughlin if he decides to keep everybody on the bench.

The Patriots get one last chance tune up against the New York Giants Thursday night |

Quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots does not want to sit and watch Thursday's game.

"I hope to go out there and play, and play as much as they’ll let me," quarterback Tom Brady said on WEEI this week. "I want to get out there and for us to really start stringing some good plays together, good drives together before the games do start counting. So, if it’s up to me, I’m playing a lot."

Cold, Hard Football Facts offers a defense of Giants' quarterback Eli Manning that really puts in perspective why Giants' fans should forever appreciate Eli -- no matter what happens the rest of his career.

Now, we agree Manning will never match up to Brady statistically or otherwise. But even if Manning retired today, he should go down as a singular figure in the annals of American sports.

He was a principal player in not one but two of the seminal moments in NFL history – a pair of jaw-dropping events that took place in the space of a single February evening and that quite likely will never be match or surpassed for as long as they play pro football.

The fact that these two events came at the expense of Tom Brady and the Patriots means that Manning never has to hang his head in shame when talk turns to how the two stack up.

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