Travis Beckum, 08.07.11

Q: Do you feel like you can be an every down tight end?

A: There is not a reason why I shouldn't. I'm doing it in practice and getting those reps. I think that is where I lacked as far as the blocking the first two years as far as the reps. The more reps the better.

Q: Is blocking or catching an issue for you?

A: That's not an issue. Whatever they want me to do, I am willing and able to get it done.

Q: How much were you caught off guard when Ben Patrick decided to walk away?

A: I heard that he needed to go home for something yesterday morning. I haven't really looked online to see what happened. Obviously everybody has their issues, no matter who you are. Maybe his were stronger and he needed to step away from the game but best wishes to him and I hope everything is well. As far as us, we have to resume and continue to move forward.

Q: How much would it have helped if he was to come back?

A: I don't know. I think the coaches feel comfortable as far as who we have now. I think they are always going to put us in the best positions to have success so I am really not too worried about that. Obviously depth is crucial, especially in the NFL and at our position. I think what we have now, they are comfortable with and they are on their p's and q's as far as what to do and what we need to do.

Q: Do you feel like you are a bester blocker?

A: I do. For me honestly, I feel like I am a good blocker especially in space. With coach Pope's technique because obviously I am going to be blocking a lot of defensive ends and I am going to be undersized but with technique I can make up for that. I am willing to try it and I am willing to do it. I am excited about it and it is a challenge for me and I look forward to challenges.

Q: Blocking in space means that you have to be on the move right?

A: Yes I will do that. I did a lot of that last year and a lot of people didn't realize that but until you sit down and actually watch film, you really won't be able to tell that I was a good blocker. As far as the Y stuff and us not moving, I just have to get my technique right and it is not something that I have done a lot as far as the last two years. Coach Pope has brought a new technique to me that makes it a lot easier as opposed to blocking in college.

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