New York Giants Notes: Osi Umenyiora, Brandon Jacobs, David Carr

Good morning, New York Giants fans! As always of late, there are a lot of things to talk about when it comes to the Giants. Let's see what is on this morning's agenda.

Osi, Giants talk, but no deal in sight | New York Daily News

According to Umenyiora's agent, Tony Agnone, the Giants are still insisting that they won't touch the disgruntled defensive end's contract, which has two years and $7.1 million remaining. Meanwhile, Umenyiora continued to sit out practice tonight claiming his left knee is sore, and he apparently is still considering having surgery to repair his meniscus.

Agnone would not comment on the details of the conversation. However, a source familiar with the situation said that within the past week both sides have either proposed or hinted at "creative solutions" to the problem. Umenyiora is seeking a deal worth around $10 million per year and the Giants don't have the salary cap room -- or the desire -- to make that happen.

According to the source, at one point during this ordeal the Giants were willing to discuss adding incentives to Umenyiora's contract that would help get him closer to the money he's seeking (It's not clear if that's still on the table). Umenyiora, however, isn't looking for incentives. He wants the additional money guaranteed. The source said that Umenyiora might be willing to accept some incentives if the Giants were willing to cut off the last year of his contract making him an unrestricted free agent after the 2011 season.

To be honest, right now I don't see how this situation is resolved in a way that Umenyiora remains a Giant. Right now, both sides seem to be playing a game of chicken. Umenyiora likely won't take the field until he gets his money. The Giants don't seem to want to discuss it as long as all Osi does is ride an exercise bike.

One fan at practice summed it up Friday night by screaming at Umenyiora, "Be a man, honor your contract."

Relaxed Brandon Jacobs: "I just want to win"

Brandon Jacobs met with the media Friday morning. In fact, a relaxed, jovial Jacobs was waiting on reporters and telling them to hurry up. When he finished talking and it was coach Tom Coughlin's turn he warned the coach that he had said some crazy stuff and the coach would have to clean it up.

This seemed like a different Jacobs than the guy who stormed away from reporters at the end of last season, seemingly believing he was destined to be an ex-Giant.

Jacobs, of course re-negotiated his contract to stay with the Giants and help them re-sigin Ahmad Bradshaw.

"The Giants made it very fair for me in the situation that I was in and letting me know that they like me around here and they want me to be here<" Jacobs said. "Given the fact that I said that I would be willing to do it [re-negotiate], I want to win. It's not about money and everything else. I want to be able to get out and win games because at the end of the day you could be rich as you want to be and not win any games. That doesn't help you out. You'll just be an unsuccessful former player with a lot of money."

David Carr Glad To Be Back With Giants

Backup quarterback David Carr left the Giants as a free agent a season ago, heading to San Francisco in the hopes of competing for a starting job. He said Friday it did not take him long to realize he had made a mistake.

"I kind of knew from the spring that it wasn't going to be a situation where I was going to get to compete for anything. That was kind of frustrating for me all the way back then. This was last spring. This was before the season. As far as how they were giving the reps out and what not. That was the tough part for me. I kind of wanted to come back to New York then," Carr said.

"What happened was when the general manager that was there brought me in the understanding was that I was going to compete. Then he ended up getting fired and they brought in a new general manager. They have their own ideas. I kind of just got washed up to the side."

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