What I'm looking for against the Jets

Note by Ed Valentine, 08/25/11 8:01 PM EDT: Pushed this to the front because it is well-written and well thought out. I will have some of my own thoughts on this Saturday morning. ]

Basically a few things that I'm hoping gets cleared up for this week's game. Especially since Week 3 is the most important preseason game.

How do the veteran acquisitions produce?

Two players that I'll definitely be looking at (if they play) are Brian Williams and Jimmy Kennedy. I'm going to see how Williams does in the slot versus if he lines up outside. Ideally, if he's serviceable in the slot, that's good enough. I'd like to compare him versus Michael Coe and Joe Burnett. Coe didn't have the best of games against Chicago, so definitely looking for a bounce back from him.

Jimmy Kennedy has been yapping quite a bit since he joined the team, and has high expectations for himself. I don't. Here's to him proving me wrong. I'd like him to be a run-stuffer and let Rocky do the penetrating (pause), which I feel is Bernard's stronger suit. Ideally, I want to see Kennedy hold up at the point of attack. I don't need him to push the offensive line back, but at least not get blown backwards. It will be interesting to see the battle for the last rotational spot between him and Gabe Watson.


Of course, this is a big one at BBV. At this point, instead of it being who wins jobs, it'll be, who doesn't mess up? One thing to keep track of is who plays with what team, and the time that they come in opposed to the others.

From what I saw last game, Paysinger was in first, along with Kiwi and Goff. Goff was replaced by Dillard and Kiwi with Sintim. We then saw Herzlich and Jones come in playing LB after playing ST for most of the game. I think that Herzlich, Tracy, Dillard, and Williams are all on the chopping block. Its way too close to call at this point, and so if one of them messes up badly, or makes a great play, I think it'll stick more permanently 3 games in. We should have a stronger idea after this game. I also want to see where Herzlich lines up more...WILL, MIKE, or SAM.

I want to see Kiwanuka on more pass coverages. Perhaps, for that matter, also Jonathon Goff.

Also, as an aside, Fewell, don't show too many LB looks. I thought we showed a few too many against Chicago.

Oh and finally, I'd like the announcers actually catch Sintim making a good play. That'd be nice.

1st Team Offense.

Now that Eli will get some extended action, I want to see how long it takes for him to heat up. It took him way too long in the first two games. He also seems to be missing high on a lot of his throws. This is a little troubling, considering his INT problems from last year, he needs to aim a little bit lower.

I'd like to see Manningham and Nicks run fly routes, and I want to see their deep connection with Eli. Yes, that would mean against Revis and Cromartie. Revis and Nicks should be a fun battle, even if its preseason. Both are extremely physical.

As far as the 3rd WR spot goes, I think Hixon has that pretty much locked up, though a great performance by Victor Cruz could possibly unseat him. Last game, Eli seemed to favor throwing to Cruz, but when Hixon came into the game, he was Carr's primary target. This game should pretty much solidify this decision.

In terms of offensive line, I LOVED what David Baas brought last game. He was angry, and was able to get downfield blocks. Basically, I'm looking for the same thing out of him. I want Eli to call more audibles to see how this new look line adjusts. If Beatty plays, I want to see how he handles much larger men with the 34 defensive front and see how he handles pass rushers coming from further upfield. It'll be a nice little test.

As far as the running game goes, I want to see more Bradshaw. In light of the fact that he's injured, I'd rather he not play. But if he does...I want MOAR. I want to see an established Bradshaw not fumbling the ball.

Speaking of fumbling, we haven't been doing that. Eli hasn't been air fumbling it either. Good work, men. Keep it up.

Matt Dodge vs Steve Weatherford

Well, this is pretty obvious. Who has the first shank of the preseason. I feel as if the coaching staff is leaning towards Dodge winning, but one bad punt by him and the entire stadium will be raining boos. I also would like the Jets to set up in punt block formation to add a little bit of pressure to them.

David Carr vs Sage Rosenfels

Got to think with the way salaries are going, that Carr will win the job. However, TC might not be in a hurry to cut Sage if Carr has a bad night. One good game against Chicago's 2nd teamers isn't enough to sway me. But a second consecutive good game by Carr just might.

The Redemption of Kenny Phillips and Antrel Rolle

Both were bad against Chicago. Kenny Phillips in particular was atrocious. This is amid rumors that KP21 is overweight and slow. He definitely looked it. Here's to better communication with Corey Webster and not getting beat on that same pocket in coverage over and over and over and over and over again.

Speaking of Redemptions....Henry Hynoski and Bear Pascoe

Blocking needs to be better. Pascoe in particular showed very little strength, and he needs to drive defenders back with his feet. Hynoski would straight up collide with the defender, but he would be able to disengage right away. Henry needs to learn how to hold when the refs ain't lookin'.

Tight Ends.

So....I'd like Beckum to have more catches. Please. I want to see what he can do after the catch. His blocking was decent, but could be better. I'll be watching out for that.

***So that's what I'll be looking for, folks. I'll repost this again after the game I suppose with my observations on the all those questions up there.

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