'Friday Five' With Pat Traina

That is Matt Dodge's helet on the turn at the Timex Performance Center during a recent practice. Will Dodge still have a Giants helmet when the season opens? (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

It is Friday, so that means time for our weekly 'Friday Five' Q&A with Pat Traina of Inside Football. Be sure to stop by Pat's site for my answers to her questions.

In Pat's answers this week, we touch on Clint Sintim, the punting competition between Matt Dodge and Steve Weatherford, Eli Manning and more. Follow the jump for all the goodies.

Ed: Several young linebackers seem to be impressing during camp. Jerry Reese is loathe to cut ties with his draft picks (see Sinorice Moss). Yet, do you believe there is a realistic chance that Clint Sintim winds up not making this team?

Pat: I don't think the Giants are going to give up on Sintim just yet, because of where he was drafted. I am however, watching another young linebacker that I think COULD be in danger - too soon to say and I need to see a little bit more before I can make my hunch public. Getting back to Sintim, I think time is starting to run out on him - he needs to show something soon.

Ed: The placekicking situation. Is Rhys Lloyd, in your mind, a placeholder for Lawrence Tynes? Real competition for Tynes? A guy who could be kept on the 53-man just to handle kickoffs?

Pat: You know had this been last year with the kickoff coming from the 30, I might have said there was a chance that they'd keep two kickers, especially after they tried to land Lloyd in the off-season. I think, however, in a perfect scenario, the Giants would love it if Dodge could learn to handle kickoffs and punting so that they can get a little extra value for the guy. With that said, I think this experiment is going to be worth watching as far as Lloyd is able to help improve the kickoff coverage team. If he does, and the injuries don't necessitate making sacrifices, I could see them keeping Lloyd beyond this week.

3. Your take on Eli Manning's comments this week to Michael Kay that he believes he is a top 5 quarterback?

Pat: Seriously, what was he supposed to say? I had no problem with his bravado and if anything, it was a nice change of pace for him considering he's been so boring and predictable with what comes out of his mouth.

Ed: The punting 'competition.' I had assumed that this job would go to Steve Weatherford, but the Giants are making it sound like a 'real' competition. Do you believe Matt Dodge has a real chance to open the regular season as the Giants' punter?

Pat: I do. As I said above, I think in a perfect scenario, the Giants get Dodge's punting straightened out and they let him eventually kickoff. Also, I've noticed that Jerry Reese isn't so quick to part with a draft pick, so I doubt they give up on Dodge after only one season, especially if you take into consideration that he's been victimized by his coverage at times.

Ed: In terms of making progress from Week 1 to Week 2 of the preseason, what should we be hoping to see from the Giants Monday night against the Chicago Bears?

Pat: Improved consistency for starters. I think we'll see the offensive lien communication issues smoothed out (I hope). I am also hoping that special teams straightens its act out, but I don't want to push my luck. (LOL!)

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