Steve who? Let's push ahead...

and the future looks bright.

I think we can rest easy, Giants fans. Lest ye forget, steer yourself to the link above. From what I understand, Victor Cruz has had another strong camp. I, as are you, am horribly disappointed in the untimely departure and seamy landing spot of one of our favorite players from the Super Bowl winning team. However, there's only so much pigskin to go around these days.

This is how we've got to see it: we are a ground and pound team. Always have been; always will be. We have optimistic reports about Will Beatty's current body of work, handling physical battles with JPP (the second half monster from last year). The line seems to be stronger than we thought, and this will allow our Earth and Fire duo the lanes they'll need to gain their yardage. However, if you're concerned about depth at WR, let's have a real look at it.

First, Hakeem Nicks is a stud. The guy had a solid season last year and many people are pointing at him to be the next Greg Jennings/Roddy White type receiver in the NFC. He's strong, athletic, fights for and wins jump balls...he looks a lot like a young Anquan Boldin. Next, we've got Mario Manningham on the other side. He's quick off the line, can move upfield fast, and has reliable hands. Our #3 isn't won outright yet, but a favorite has to be Victor Cruz. As I stated before, he's had another strong camp and while Dwight Lowery isn't Darelle Revis, he's no chump. If he's our #3 he'll, at best, be going against the #3 corner/FS/SS. The best in our division would probably be either Asante Samuel (Iggles #3 CB) or LaRon Landry (SS for the Hogs).

Let's not forget about possible 4 WR sets with speedster Jerrell Jernigan, and redzone situations with Beckum swinging out or Barden working through jump balls. We also have a reliable target in the back field with Bradshaw...heck, maybe even Jacobs could take those RB screens out to the sides and make minced meat out of the secondary.

It's safe to say that right now, our offense is quite formidable. If our O-Line holds up, we are a dangerous group of play makers.

If Osi can get back on the field, we've got a heck of a pass rush with him, Tuck, JPP, and even KIwi on our NASCAR line. Sintim could come in on blitz packages, and KP is a solid free safety with good range. T2 and CWeb are good cover corners, and if we can get the Fresh Prince back soon, we'll have a group that's younger and fresher than ones we'll face in the Beast.

I think we've went overboard watching the big splashes on the other side of the river. We've got a whole lot those Pigeons couldn't buy out yet and they know and have been in our system for some time now.

Let's relax a little bit, step off the ledge, stop screaming for heads to roll, and let the cards play out right now. I know at the end of the day, cooler heads will prevail. I know at least one other guy who feels the same way and is willing to stick his neck out thinking it could happen, as well.

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