Random Thoughts on Today, 8/1

If you're looking for anything insightful or profound, I got nothin'.  But I'm bored tonight, and I'm gonna dump some stupid, semi-stupid, and maybe partly true thoughts and observations about the day that was.


To wit:

  • The coaches really hate the new practice schedule limitations.  To a man, Coughlin, Gilbride and Fewell commented on the new limitations with no more two-a-days.  And Coughlin really had some snark about tomorrow's mandatory off day.  How Gilbride will live without time to teach his complex adjustments and reads I have no clue, but if he is forced to dumb things down a little, that might not suck.
  • Matt Dodge dropped a snap and then recovered to shank a kick tonight, leading the 200 or so fans assembled to boo him.  Then, right after, he boomed a doozy.  So Dodge, at least, is in mid season form.
  • I don't know what Prince Amukamara is fighting over, probably the number of years on his deal of 3 versus 4.  But if he wants to get on this train and get integrated into the system ahead of any competition for any possible fast rookie start, he needs to sign and get to practice.
  • Kevin Boss to his agent:  "Who the f--k is Ben Patrick?  Never heard of him."
  • Kevin Ahmad Bradshaw to Drew Rosenhaus, when he heard about Snelling coming in for a meeting:  link.
  • Osi started backpedaling a wee bit today, pleading his case to the press and saying he would like to stay with the Giants.  This is no doubt because his agent may be telling him no one wants to pay him $10 million per and cough up a #1 pick.  "B-b-but, I'll play OLB in a 3-4 if that helps!"  Osi wants to get paid more, no problem, but the Giants can't do it and he's not worth the risk to them at his age and with his injury history, even if they had the cap room.  But he's also way overestimating his market value.  He's in for an awakening (see Bradshaw, Ahmad, above).
  • Nice to see Chad Jones around the team and getting an ovation from the players.  Hang in there, kid.
  • Mike Garafalo and Pat Traina rock.
  • Aaron Ross is "unwilling" to play safety.  So, will he play unwillingly?  If I were him, after all my injuries and in my contract year, I'd be busting my ass to establish my value by getting on the field for as many snaps as I could.
  • With tomorrow as an off day, with just voluntary workout time at Timex, I don't expect Boss or Smith to sign, but who knows.  Probably a slow news day tomorrow, unless JR WAKES UP FROM HIS FREKKIN SLEEP AND TRAIDS OSI FOR JON BEASON!!!!1!
  • That's all I got.  Told you it wasn't much.

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