State of the Union: Giants Nation and the NFC East

Mah Fellow Uh-Marry-Cuhns,

I have returned from my voyage and having read over many of these threads, have seen BBV as a massively conflicted group. Let's allay some of those concerns...


First things first, it seems to me that based on a recent team's current free agent acquisitions, many are angry/upset/resigned. Don't give up hope. Do y'all remember the draft?

We killed it. hard. Probably one of the best drafts of any team, at least right now. If you have a hard time remembering, let me refresh your memory:

Prince Amukamara: Top 10 talent who's only flaw in college was being too aggressive. Wait...that's a fckin' flaw?

Marvin Austin: Arguably top 15 talent that's equal parts penetrator and equal parts run stuffing monster

Jerrel Jernigan: Special Teams upgrade and all around playmaker. Look at his youtube stuff and tell me you aren't impressed.

James Brewer: Kareem McKenzie of the future. And that ain't a bad thing.

Greg Jones: 1st team All American and Stephen Tulloch clone.

Tyler Sash: Questions about his work ethic? His motto is my sig.

Jacquain Williams: Kid's athletic and got something to prove

Da'Rel Scott: Reese said he hopes to catch lightning in a bottle with this kid. Problem is, I don't think Reese can catch him. Nobody can.

This doesn't even mention our UDFAs. Henry Hynoski plays like a monster. Jarriel King might actually be a monster. Oh yeah, and Mark Herzlich. Who gives a shit about that rod in his leg. DO YOU EVEN REALIZE THE AMOUNT OF GOOD KARMA COMING OUR WAY?




One major complaint that I've seen goes something along the lines of:

"Jerry, go get him! Get him signed already!"

Well, I'm going to let my good friend, Boromir do the talking for me:



Errr.....lets amend that to....One does not simply buy what he wants in free agency

We do have a cap. And currently, due to financial restrictions with some of our players, we started off this free agency period plenty above the cap.

As of right now, Pat Traina estimates that we cleared about $14.8 million off the cap with our cuts and restructuring. We were originally about $11 million over, and we signed David Baas to a heavy contract. I define "heavy" as anything over $5 million per year.

That leaves us as still over the cap, but Jerry Reese and the front office have shown to be masterful at manipulating the cap. The fact that we were able to sign anybody at all and STILL have offers out to SS12, Bradshaw, and Boss is testament to that.

More proof? We had the 2nd most money tied up in the league. The most? Dallas...and they had to get rid of half their team just to re-sign ONE player (Doug Free). On top of that, they have a solid $21 million counting against them next year.

The fact that Reese was able to address most all our needs at OL, and P, as well as sign another quality backup QB with almost no wiggle room is genius.


Dallas - This is a team in trouble. They re-signed their biggest FA need which was Doug Free. The problem is, that on their roster they really don't have ANY NFL worthy DE's or S. That's a big, ass deal. They went hard for some free agents like Stephen Bowen, Cullen Jenkins, Eric Weddle, and Nnamdi Asomugha, but fell short.

Washington - This a team that won't go anywhere without a starting caliber QB. I will give props where props are due though. They upgraded their defense with Cofield, Bowen, Kerrigan, Atogwe. That will be a tough defense. However, their receivers are old and their starting RB at this point figures to be Tim Hightower. LOL.

Philadelphia - Yes, Philly. Nnamdi, Babin, DRC, Asomugha, Jenkins. I'd be a fool if I told you it was no big deal, and you'd be a fool if you weren't worried. They just got a shit ton better, but I'm already laughing at Vince Young's "Dream Team" tweet.

Make no doubt about it, every major media outlet will be on their jockstraps all year. There's always a huge rise before an even bigger fall, and I don't recall offseason winners actually translating into superbowl winners. The Giants know, considering we have 3 Lombardi trophies to our credit.


With the new CBA coming down on us hard, one thing I've definitely noticed is Jerry Reese's commitment not only to field a competitive team for the present, but set us up quite well for the future.

It really did suck to see Seubert and O'Hara go. And it really sucks for Osi is whining. Then we hear that Plaxico doesn't want to come back. And then everybody wants to go to Philadelphia now.



Sometimes you get the feeling that teams have their own identity. You see the Jest, and you immediately think...brash, loud, braggarts. You think Eagles....aggressive, explosive, player-friendly, walruses....You think, rofl, lmao, fail

The Giants....the front office has the look of being ruthless and professional. That is our identity and we need to seize it. Ruthless....and professional. You look to the leaders...Tuck and Eli.....professional, definitely. Ruthless? Not with those turnovers. We all know about our famed killer instinct....or lack thereof.

This is the mindset the players need. Once we have this identity, the rest of the league will have no choice....



(Yes, I love LOLcats)

Most importantly, those wondering why the Eagles have been able to make such moves, while we've been cash-strapped...well the answer is simple.

In 2007, we won a Superbowl. Reese knew we had our chance to keep the success going. We added free agents to higher contracts knowing that we had that window to keep the momentum going. Things went wrong, obviously. Plaxico shot himself. Injuries to the OL. Osi got injured. Kawika left. Antonio and Strahan retired. You get the point.

The Eagles have set themselves up similarly. At important positions such as CB, DT, DE, they've added heavy contracts to players on the wrong side of 30. They've set themselves up so that if these acquisitions don't work out, besides Nnamdi, they can cut them with little cap hit. The Eagles are most definitely a well run organization.

Unfortunately for them, so are the Giants. We've done the same thing. Let's fast forward to the next couple years. Assuming we retain all these players:

Prince Amukamara, Hakeem Nicks, Linval Joseph, Marvin Austin, Jason Pierre-Paul, Mario Manningham, Ahmad Bradshaw, Will Beatty, Mathias Kiwanuka, Steve Smith, Jonathon Goff, Mitch Petrus....they will all still be young impact players. Most will still be on reasonable contracts, putting us in a similar situation to the Eagles this year.

For organizations such as this, there is no such thing as a rebuilding year. Not anymore. Eli will be older, but at this point, I'm taking a 34 year old Eli over a 35 year old Michael Vick/Vince Young combo all day, everyday.

So in conclusion, the union is looking strong, Giants fans. I finally leave you with this song that I found. Kinda catchy if you ask me.

"Blue & Red" - ( Black and Yellow Remix) New York Giants (via MrFrankhenny)

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