Dave Brown, Danny Kannell, or Kent Graham?

Who do you despise more?  Lets give a little background information about how Dave Brown, Danny Kannell, and Kent Graham were all not only tied to each other, but to Phil Simms and Jeff Hostetler as well.  Then I'll tell you who I hated the most.

All these guys are tied to each other, Phil Simms, and Jeff Hostetler. 

Kent Graham saw his first action when he was thrown to the dogs after Simms and Hostetly both went down.  He sucked, and when he got injured as well, Dave Brown goes in.  Kent Graham would leave the team, but no his legacy with the Giants does not end here.  We will come back to him. 

Dave Brown was supposed to be our big hope for the future!  YEAH LETS GO DAVE BROWN!..... Well he got hurt in his first game.  Brown would have to wait out another season as Phil Simms had one more left in him.  After Phil retired Dave Brown won the job and it was all systems go.  He had a rough start going 3-7, but ended strong with a 6 game winning streak to finish out 9-7.  Things are looking good for the future at this point, but the next two seasons I'm sure we all know about.  Dave Brown was horrible and the Giants were THE WORST team in the NFL.

Enter Danny Kannell, who took Dave Brown's starting job after the Giants were the worst team in the NFL.  He takes us to the playoffs and an NFC East title in his first season behind a great defense.  However, he is the definition of mediocrity in the NFL as his TDs almost matched his INTs ever year.  Mediocrity will not win us anything, so Danny Kannel's short lived Giants career gets ended with the quickness.  He starts his last season going 3-7 and then finally gets benched for a familiar face that the Giants happened to resign in the offseason that year.

Look who's back!  After a trip to Arizona to play for the Cardinals, the Giants re sign Kent Graham to back up Danny, but then eventually gave him Danny's starting job.  Kent Graham had an AWESOME return to the Giants.  He goes 5-1 after Danny started 3-7.  We also beat the undefeated Broncos that year after Kent through a game winning touchdown to Amani Toomer.  Ahh what great memories.  Well now we all think we found our guy, and we even brought in some bum Kerry Collins to back Mr. Graham up for the next season.  Well the next season came and Kent Graham sucked again.  Another solid defense held things together for mediocre season, but finally in Week 11 Graham was benched and Kerry Collins was annointed started.  The rest is history.

So now that you biefly re lived the mid-late 90s, which qb do you presently hate the most?  Is it Kent Graham? The guy that gave us so much hope but then stepped on it with his steel toe cleats?  Is it Danny Kannell?  The guy who played for a very talented team and ruined it with his mediocrity and inability to do anything when we needed it most?  Or is it Dave Brown?  The guy that had the tools but just sucked and never transitioned into the pros?  I say Dave Brown just because he had some hype coming into the leage.  Discuss.    

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