The Giants Are Working The Plan

OH PLEASE HELP US!!! We are Giants fans and we are not happy because we are not signing Free Agents like the Eagles are!!! Please people, relax and realize that this is not part of The Plan. Hell, it's not even POSSIBLE for our team to sign guys like the Eagles are. Nobody is doing what the Eagles are doing this off-season.

And it's pretty darn simple why. Math. The Eagles were 30 million or so under the cap and had tons of cap space to go after all these guys. The Giants? We were 11 million OVER the cap. As one of only four teams (Giants, Jets, Cowboys, Steelers) who were over the cap, the priorities were clear for our Front Office once the lockout was lifted.

Priority #1: Give TC a one year extension to remove him from a coach with only one year left on his deal, thus taking away his "lame duck" status.

Priority #2: And this one is simple and makes sense. Sign as many UFA's that we think can make/help the team ASAP. Those deals are quick and easy to do, so get them done first.

Priority #3: Sign all 2011 draft picks. This too is mostly an easy process, usually, except for the first round pick.  And this year is no exception thanks to Tampa screwing up the length of their first round draft choice (at least that is what I've heard). So we have not yet signed Amuk, and I hope and believe that will get done ASAP, because I want that guy in practice. And I want that guy contributing as much as possible, as quickly as possible. He is going to be a very good player and I can't wait to watch him play in Blue.

Priority #4: Cut the old and injured Olineman who are not a part of the future of the NY Giants, and go get the guy we targeted, David Baas (pronounced Boss, I have learned). While there are painful aspects to this part of The Plan for fans and the team alike, Father Time catches up with all of us and most certainly HAD caught our Oline. Thank you for your hard work and success here, Mr. OHara and Mr. Seubert. You are champions.

It was obvious to me that JR and TC must have targeted Baas because in no time he was apart of our team as our new starting Center, Will Beatty was announced to be the new LT, and David Diehl was moved inside to LG. And while this is Priority #3 on this list, it is Priority #1 for me. Nothing worried me more this off season than what our Oline would look like in 2011. JR took care of this quick-like. Which leads me to Priority #5....

Priority #5: Resign OUR OWN FA's and do your best to make the deals both cap friendly and locker room friendly. It is a real balancing act to sign guys to deals that are good for the team, good for the happiness of the individual player, and good for the locker room as a whole. Players are always looking to see how guys who give everything to a team are treated when it comes time for them to "cash in." In this respect, I think this is just one of many areas that the Giants Front Office, and Ownership, of course, know how to take care of their own and keep up that great reputation they have in the league. This is a place where people want to come to play. I think 27 ( as I like to call him) giving up some money is just the latest and best example of this.

Now, unless SS12, 44 (as I like to call him), or Boss have resigned as I am writing this, well, JR is still working on this part of The Plan. And I don't have a problem with waiting. JR is not perfect, but he knows what the hell he is doing. Even if we don't resign ANY of these guys, I am confident there is both a short and long term plan to replace these guys.

BIG PICTURE PLAN coming into 2011 and the lockout: They told us what it was months ago. Many folks around here may have forgotten it but it was pretty simple. JR said it, Mr. Mara said it, TC said it: They wanted to come out of this lockout with as few question marks as possible. AKA, they want CONTINUITY. And this year, more than any other year, continuity will be a major asset. No new HC, no new DC, OC, ST's coach (ahem...cough). That continuity will serve us well this year, especially early in the season.

There it is folks, from this fans view, The Plan that the Owners, JR, TC, etc. are working this off season. I for one, do not want to win the off season like the Eagles have. Those teams rarely win it all. They are even being called a "Dream Team." Have fun with that one Eagle fans, and the target on your backs. And your new DC (Offensive line coach), and ALLLLL those new moving parts to try and make jell together. BTW, your LB's and Safetys still suck, so you don't have a "Dream Team". 

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