More than just an awesome name....


Hello BBV crew,

So with the lockout on the home stretch, and FA discussions finally heating up , there have been numerous talks swirling around as of whom the Giants should grab, in particular at the linebacker position. So what I would like to do is offer my 2 cents as to who the giants should be targeting once this lockout is goneskies, and that player ladies and gentlemen is no other than outside linebacker of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Quincy Black.

So here is a bit of general knowledge about Quincy for some of you who are unaware of his talents (all courtesy of Pro Football Focus.)


Quincy Black, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 4-3 OLB

Age as of September 1st 2011: 27

2010 Grade: +8.0

Key Stat: Graded positively in each major area for linebackers.

Behind The Numbers: Black put in his time on special teams early in his career while waiting for a starting spot on defense to open up. A unique talent that would appear more built for a pursuit-friendly position, he has done a surprisingly solid job starting on the strongside in Tampa. From the mid-point of 2009 on, Black has regularly graded in the green and has had standout days as a run-stopper, pass rusher, and as a cover man. With no obvious hole in his game and an established pattern of growth, Black could break out given the right opportunity.


So I feel that our Giants have two glaring weaknesses at the linebacker position to which are both Pass Coverage and overall Speed. When it comes to speed Quincy ticks that box as he so kindly illustrates on this play.


Quincy Black Destroys Matt Moore (via aMSkEes)


Now the second piece of information also comes from PFF, from an article titled ""Secret Superstar: Quincy Black". From this article I will highlight some key assessments on Black's game, but I strongly urge you to read it in its entirety. 

A Player Against the Pass

The Buccaneers' outside linebackers were, in general, good in coverage and as blitzers. Quincy Black was no exception, in fact, one of the main reasons Black stands out is his ability to make plays as a pass defender. He shined against Cleveland in Week 1, preventing their their tight ends from making catches and, in Week 14 against the Redskins, although he allowed catches to be made, he limited the receivers to short gains, generating positive plays for the Buccaneers defense.
Of the 251 pass plays that Black was involved in, we only gave him negative ratings on 11.


Beyond 2010

His contract has expired, but it would make sense for the Buccaneers to make a serious run at keeping him in town. Black was one of only three 4-3 outside linebackers with positive ratings in run stopping, pass rush, pass coverage and penalties this season; James Anderson and Keith Bulluck being the other two.

The emergence of Quincy Black in 2010 was a big part of the Buccaneers defensive success, and if they are able to bring him back, he’ll be part of a defense that continues to rise. If he leaves Tampa Bay, he’ll boost a 4-3 defense elsewhere.
For now, Black is flying under the radar, but that won’t last long.


Quincy Black, would honestly be a phenomenal pick up for the Giants. Not only does he fill a position of need, but he would be a true value for money pick up (something the Giants haven't been able to do in recent FA's). With this in mind it would also help save $$ which would help to bring back our guys in FA such as SS12, Bradshaw, Kiwi and Bossman.


He would add much needed speed, depth, talent and coverage skills to our linebacker core, not to mention an awesome name as well. So I ask you Big Blue Crew do you think that the Giants should look to sign this talented, under the radar linebacker with a ridiculously cool name this FA? Or do you feel that there are better, more suitable ones the Giants could get for a reasonable price?

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