The absolute worst thing in the NFL is...

Jerry Jones defeated Michael Vick's dog-killing, 15-11

Scott Green defeated "America's Team," 14-12

Who's worse?

Please watch this to refresh you on Scott Green's call:

Why to vote for Scott Green:

You deny us a playoff win and you deny us the chance to win the Superbowl. It was an obvious, easy call. Further, it was not an isolated incident. Scott Green went on to a long and storied history of shafting teams with botched game-ending calls.

And you know what else I just noticed? The guy is ALSO A LOBBYIST. That's right, when he's not stealing playoff victories from the Giants, he's stealing representative government away from you.

Why not to vote for Scott Green:

SF went on to get destroyed by a Tampa Bay juggernaut that marched to a SB victory. We would have been big underdogs. People make mistakes. Nobody's perfect.

Please watch this in case you're not familiar with Jerry Jones:

"Bill's not worth a shit" @ 0:25


Now imagine you are a lifelong die-hard Green Bay fan who just flew to Dallas to watch your team WIN the SUPERBOWL:

Why to vote for Jerry:

He's the ugly face and the vile personality behind America's MOST HATED team. He spawned several OTHER entries in this contest, including the video above. He's one of 3 owner GMs along with Al Davis and Paul Brown in Cincy. And someday, they're gonna win the Superbowl again.

Why NOT to vote for Jerry:

After assembling the dynasty of the 90s, Jerry quickly blew it all up with his vanity. Before recently, there was a zillion year playoff drought. Dallas, at present, sucks.

He needs no more fanfare. Ladies and gentlemen, Jerry Jones.

Jerry Jones vs. Scott Green. You decide. Please, if you feel like it, give your own personal reasons for why you picked whom.

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