5 College Players to Keep an Eye on Next Year.

Let me start off saying this is my first post so be kind.  

I know it’s really early to be looking at the 2012 NFL draft but I can’t help it, I’m a draft junkie. So I made a list of 5 players I’m keeping my eye on next year, and hopefully the Giants are too.


Ray Ray Armstrong, Safety, Miami- One of those guys that’s looking to take your head off every play. Armstrong’s 6-4 220, runs a 4.57, and is a fiery leader. Every time I watch him play I can’t help but be reminded of that other hard hitting, nasty guy that used to be a Miami safety.

Projected Round- 2-3

Reminds me of- Ed Reed



 Sean Spence, LB, Miami- Another fast, athletic, Miami player. Spence is a little undersized at 6’0 and 225 pounds, but he makes up for it with great speed. This guy fly’s to the ball and also has the ability to lay the wood.

Projected Round- 2-3

Reminds me of- Sean Weatherspoon. Both have outstanding athleticism and play making ability.



Riley Reiff, Offensive Tackle (left), Iowa- I have always been partial to Big Ten lineman. Man mountain is what I see when I look at Reiff. He’s 6-6 300 and surprisingly athletic. If the giants don’t solve their left tackle problem this year Rieff may be an option next year in the first round.

Projected Round- Top 20

Reminds me of- Bryan Bulaga- I know kind of a weak comparison, but their both really big guys that have the ability to pass protect, but can still maul in the run game.



Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina- My personal favorite player in the 2012 draft. He has got the size (6’6, 272) and speed (4.75) to be a complete defensive end in the NFL. He’s versatile and can move inside on passing downs. He’s a stud, and unless he regresses, will be the top defensive player in the draft next year, meaning unfortunately that Giants won’t have a shot at him.

Projected Round- Top 5

Reminds me of- Mario Williams and Justin Tuck.



Edwin Baker, RB, Michigan State- Only problem with this guy is he’s going to be a junior next year, so I might I have to wait until 2013 until I hear his name called. Edwin Baker can do it all, and you saw that if you watched any Michigan State game last year. I like Baker for these three reasons.

Value- If he does enter the draft next year he’s going to be rivaled by Richardson, Davis, and James. There’s a possibility he will be available in the 2nd , maybe even 3rd round.

Production- I think all I have to say is 1,200 yards in 2010 with a 5.8 average and 13 touchdowns. Yeah that’s scary good.

Complete Package- He’s got break away speed, he can run you over, and he’s got amazing cut back ability. He does need to work a little more on his blocking though.

Projected Round- Not the faintest idea

Reminds me of- Maurice Jones Drew. Both short guys that are hard to take down.


He’s number 4, and Le'Veon Bell is number 24. Bells a great running back too but he was a freshman last year so he’s got a couple years left.

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