NY Giants' Surprise Player of the Year

A list of potential 'surprises' for the 2011 NY Giants:




Shawn Andrews
He is unlikely to be back. He most certainly won't be back at the salary he is due. And if he is back, it's doubtful he will be back and healthy for all 16 games.

So I guess 'back' is the key word here.

Travis Beckum
JR likes to draft potential. In the third round of the 2009 draft, he selected Travis Beckum. It was far fetched to expect a project like Beckum to come in and be a difference maker right away. However, it's 2011. This year, expectations won't be so far-fetched.

Matt Dodge

Without a doubt, my choice for surprise player of the year. If he punts the ball out of bounds when asked to, we will all be surprised.

Jonathan Goff
Played well last year, and largely justified Jerry Reese's seemingly odd LB drafting habits. If he can further elevate his game in his fourth season, we might get some respite from the tiring 'LBzzers' talk.

Clint Sintim

The 'LBzzeers' talk would be much less tiring if players like Clint Sintim stepped up and lived up to their expectations. He may or may not be healthy this year.

Dave Tollefson
A bit of a long shot, but don't forget about this guy. With all the hype surrounding the Giants' high profile DE's, it's easy to overlook Tollefson. Maybe for good reason? I guess we'll find out.

Mitch Petrus

This would be a huge surprise, as the Giants typically don't ask much out of their young players. the 2010 fifth round pick (who is a potential center) is only in his second year.

However, he seems like a bad ass. Who questions a bad ass? You best not answer that.

Linval Joseph
Someone is going to play DT for this team, and my gut tells me they're going to look good in the process. It's not a bad group to line up with, and this might be the 2nd rounders' chance to shine.

D.J. Ware
Will Jacobs be back? Will Bradshaw be back? Can DJ Ware be the next Derrick Ward? Can he amass 1,000 yards? Will he sign a exorbitant FA contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the year 2013?  Anything is possible.


Eli Manning
Yes, I went there. Eli Manning?! OK, I admit, the main reason I put his name up here is to piss people off. The odd thing is: if Eli threw for 4,000+ yards, 30+ touchdowns, and led the Giants to a Superbowl victory, many fans would be surprised. Never-mind that he has done it all before.

Other names to consider:
Phillip Dillard, William Beatty, Mario Manningham, Kenny Phillips, Ramses Barden, Jason Pierre-Paul, Darius Reynaud (oh, you're still reading?)

[side note- I tried to limit this list as best I could, thereby leaving off certain names such as Keith Bulluck (old), Antrel Rolle (highly paid), Prince Amukamara (young). Please add names as you see fit.]

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