Keep Or Cut? Derek Hagan

Which wide receivers ultimately will make the New York Giants' roster for 2011 is tough to figure. We don't know whether or not Steve Smith will be healthy to begin the season. We don't even know when the season will begin. We don't know whether rosters will be set at 53 or at a higher number.

All of that said, sorting out the wide receivers is difficult. Which leads us to veteran receiver Derek Hagan, the subject of today's 'keep or cut?' discussion.

Why the Giants should keep him

Hagan showed why a season ago. He is a dependable veteran who understands how to be ready when he is needed, can run correct routes and can catch what he is supposed to catch. He is also a quality special teams player, which he proved two seasons ago. He played just seven games in 2010 after the Giants re-signed him mid-way through the season but ended up with 24 catches, the second-best total of his five-year career. He will never be a superstar, but he will never complain about his role and he will be capable of contributing when he is called upon. At 27, he is hardly old.

Why the Giants should cut him

Just because the Giants were foolish to cut him a season, when for some reason they chose the in over his head Duke Calhoun instead of the solid pro in Hagan doesn't mean the Giants should feel obligated to keep Hagan in 2011. Fact is, entering whatever will pass for training camp in 2011 the numbers seem stacked against the former Miami Dolphins' third-round draft pick.

Let's say rosters are again set at 53, meaning the Giants would keep six -- maybe seven -- receivers. Now, let's examine what Hagan is up against.

Locks to make the roster (5) -- Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, Steve Smith (if healthy, of course), Ramses Barden, Jerrel Jernigan.

If everyone is healthy that leaves probably two roster spots.

The candidates -- Hagan, Domenik Hixon, Michael Clayton, Devin Thomas, Victor Cruz, Duke Calhoun.

If they are healthy, I think you can make an argument that entering camp Hixon and Cruz would be heavy favorites to win those final two spots.

So, really, is everyone is healthy the argument for cutting Hagan is simply that he probably is not one of top seven receivers the Giants are bringing to camp.

If, however, injuries leave an opening I would much prefer to see Hagan on the roster than Clayton, Thomas or Calhoun. We know Hagan is a pro, and we have seen that he can contribute.

Vote in the poll and let us know whether you think the Giants should keep Hagan or cut him.

Derek Hagan

#85 / Wide Receiver / New York Giants



Sep 21, 1984

Arizona State

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