Why do all Giant Fans love Eli???

The Eli love by Giants fans confuse me. First off, I'm not trying to bash the Giants or say Eli sucks. I am honestly confused. I dont hear the same love from Cowboys fan about Romo or Falcons about Ryan. Why do you seem to love him. The only guess I can make is because he won you guys a Super Bowl. But, IMO it was more the defense who won that game (with some help from David Tyree's helmet of course). I've also seen a lot of disagreement on how Eli ranks against the rest of the QBs. So in order to help end this debate. I've created this post. After the jump you will see my top 10 and reasons for each placement but I want everyone to have a say so if you feel strongly about a guy tell me in the comments. I want this to be a good football discussion not just Giants versus Eagles but overall NFL QBs. So without further ado my top 10

#1 Tom Brady- Not much explaination here. The guy just won MVP and has consistently been at the top. Easy pick at number 1. 

#2 Aaron Rodgers- This might surprise some people but he is younger than Manning and just came off leading his team to the Super Bowl. 

#3 Peyton Manning- Again no need to explain this one. Great Player future HOFer. 

#4 Drew Brees- After the big 3 their are a group of 4 QBs who IMO could be grouped in any order. I like Brees here because of his consistent success. He also had the best completion % while throwing for over 4600 yards.

#5 Michael Vick- Before people call me a homer for this one here me out. IMO if someone could guarantee Vick staying healthy for even 14 games I would have him at number 1. He is the biggest game changer in the NFL. He has IMO the best supporting cast around him and can make plays with his feet. Their is the injury concern but his upside is worth it at 5.

#6 Phillip Rivers- I'm not a big River fan. I know he consistently is in the top 5 in yards and TDs with a QB rating over 100 but what annoys me about him is he is "unclutch." Every year his team is 12-4 and a top seed and every year they choke. People might say why arent I saying the same about VIck. Well, Vick has started with the Birds for not even 1 year in 4 or 5 years if he hasnt won then I will be saying the same thing. But because of Rivers lack of success in the postseason he falls to 6.

#7 Ben Rothlisberger- Some people might have have him higher I could justify putting him at 4 however I dont see the same upside as Vick, the consistency of Brees or the stats of Rivers so, he fell here. 

#8 Josh Freeman- I think in a couple of years he will be in the top 5. He has all the tools needed. He threw 25 tds without a true #1 WR. He only threw 6 picks and to make it even better it was his first full year starting. Imagine what an offseason will do. Freeman also has legs to get out of pressure and can even make plays with his feet when needed. This guy should excite Bucs fan a lot. 

#9 Matt Ryan- This will  surprise people. I dont know why others dont like him as much as I do. He throws around 30 Tds and under 10 picks, his QB rating is above 90. The only real knock on him is his yards arent as high as others. But, he is IMO one of the "clutchest" QB and I trust him more than the next guy on my list.

#10 Eli Manning- Giants fan dont worry Eli was going to make the list (barely though). Romo is coming off an injury and Eli's ring puts him ahead of Schaub (who I think is the better talent). Here is why he is low. I dont see anything Eli is great at. I keep seeing people say Eli is great in the fourth quarter. I think he had one great year (2007) in which YES he was great but recently I dont think so. He has a great football IQ. This makes me laugh considering he didnt slide against the eagles which ended up costing them the game and a playoff spot. He threw 25 picks last year the most in the NFL. SO, Giants fans to me the only thing he is great at is throwing picks explain to me again why you love him.    

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