NY Giants All 2000s Team

These are my picks for the best Giant player at each position during the 2000s. If a player's career straddles the 90s and 2000s, he will only be judged by his performance during the 2000s. Any stats or honors listed are those accumulated during the 2000s. Feel free to debate my picks or list your own. This is just a lockout boredom post.


QB: Eli Manning 2004-present, 1 Pro Bowl, SB 42 MVP, 3000+yds & 20+TDs every full season as starter, 2 4,000yd seasons

RB: Tiki Barber 2000-2006, 3 Pro Bowls, 1 All Pro, 6 1,000yd seasons

FB: Jim Finn 2003-2006, lead the way during Tiki's best seasons

WR: Amani Toomer 2000-2008, 4 1,000yd seasons

WR: Plaxico Burress 2005-2008, 2 1,000yd seasons (SS12 or Nicks may surpass him but not yet)

T: Dave Diehl 2003-present, moved from G to T in 2007, 1 Pro Bowl at T

T: Kareen McKenzie 2005-present

G: Ron Stone 2000-2001, 2 Pro Bowls

G: Chris Snee 2004-present, 3 Pro Bowls, 1 All Pro

C: Shaun O'Hara 2004-present, 3 Pro Bowls


DE: Michael Strahan 2000-2007, 4 Pro Bowls, 2 All Pro, 2001 Def Player of the Year(set single season sack record)

DT: Keith Hamilton 2000-2003, had 10 sacks in 2000

DT: Fred Robbins 2004-2009, had 5 or more sacks 4 years

DE: Justin Tuck 2005-present, 2 Pro Bowls, 1 All Pro (Osi also has 2 Pro Bowls & 1 All Pro, Tuck gets the nod due to run defense)

OLB: Jessie Armstead 2000-2001, 2 Pro Bowls

MLB: Antonio Pierce 2005-2009, 1 Pro Bowl

OLB: Dhani Jones 2001-2003, wins spots over other mediocre OLBs in 2000s because of 93 tackle season in 2003

CB: Corey Webster 2005-present, 10 INTs

CB: Terrell Thomas 2008-present, 11 INTs

S: Gibril Wilson 2004-2007, 11 INTs (edged out Shaun Williams because he was more prolific tackler)

S: Antrel Rolle 2010-present, 1 INT, 1 Pro Bowl, only Giant DB to make Pro Bowl in 2000s

K: John Carney 2008, made Pro Bowl in only season with Giants, 35/38 FG, 38/38 XP

P: Jeff Feagles 2003-2009, 1 Pro Bowl

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