Which receivers should we keep?

we are absolutely loaded with depth at this position.  Every guy on the receiving roster would make another NFL team's roster if cut by the GiantsHakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham are both locks to be on the roster next year, but what about the other guys?  We Have the choices of Jerrel Jernigan, Steve Smith, Domenik Hixon, Victor Cruz, Ramses Barden, Derek Hagan, Michael Clayton, Devin Thomas, Duke Calhoun and we might as well throw Plaxico Burress in the mix.

As much as I love the guy, I'll start off by saying it may be a smart decision to not bring Steve Smith back.  Who knows how this injury will affect his performance on the field, and I just think that Mario Manningham is a better playmaking option.  Steve will also look for a nice payday, and we can get some of these guys for much cheaper.

Jerrel Jernigan could possibly not make the team, but I do not think that will happen.  Jernigan gets signed on and becomes a special teams playmaker and possible wildcat guy for the G-Men.

Domenik Hixon gets his spot taken by Jerrel Jernigan.  He's given us some good years as a return man but has never been a factor on offense and I think the injury causes a decline in his skills.

Ramses Barden's fate is directly tied to that of Plaxico's.  If we wind up bringing Plax into camp and things go well, Barden could be shown the door with the quickness.  I would not have a problem with this as Barden has never shown me anything.  We all know whats up with Plax and I will personally take him back in a heartbeat, so for this posts' sake I'll add him to my roster and cut Ramses Barden.  If we don't sign Plaxico then Ramses will have a roster spot.

Derek Hagan is a guy that I would love to have around, but I think he goes somewhere else as he could get some quality playing time elsewhere.  He learns quick and runs some precise routes, similar to Steve Smith.  The guy has exceptional hands and I'd love to keep him, but realistically I do not think we keep Derek Hagan. 

The next three spots will be taken by Victor Cruz, Michael Clayton and Devin Thomas. 

Victor Cruz just has loads of talent and way too much upside to let go.  I don't care what anybody says he abused the guys that would be covering him in a real game against the Jets.  Those were the nickel and dime backs covering Cruz and in a real game, nickel and dime backs would be covering Cruz.  Duke Calhoun's spot gets filled with Victor Cruz and Calhoun tries to walk on somewhere else. 

Michael Clayton is a guy that has a chance to resurect his career.  He is a former first round pick with just as much talent as anybody on our roster.  He has been working out with Eli and I think some of you may be surprised by his play this upcoming season.  I'm hoping for big things out of Clayton and I think the Giants got an absolute diamond in the rough when they picked him up last year.

Devin Thomas is an AWESOME special teams guy.  He's got tons of athleticism and we need a gunner like him for kick coverage.  Don't expect him to get on the field as a receiver unless we get bitten by the injury bug again, but I think his ability to contribute on special teams gets him a roster spot. 

So my final group is Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, Jerrel Jernigan, Plaxico Burress (or Ramses Barden), Victor Cruz, Michael Clayton & Devin Thomas. 

What's yours?

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