BBI's Way Too Early Power Rankings/Projections.

I know the "real" offseason hasn't started yet, but this is just a projection of where I think the teams rank. Only going to make one FA prediction: Nnamdi Asomugha to the Philadelphia Eagles, because it seems like the only "lock" to me.


Don't look at me like that, I know its stupid, but hey, I know you're bored of this lockout crap too.



1) Green Bay Packers - You win the Superbowl, you're number 1. They reloaded at WR and shored up their OL, and infused talent into the defense. They're ready to go again. 

2) Pittsburgh Steelers - Can't envision much of a drop off. Strong draft as well. 

3) San Diego Chargers - Redemption! Am I crazy? Yes! But they'll do it! Will go 12-4.

4) Baltimore Ravens - Defense is good for one more year before aging players decline. Emergence of Mt. Cody.

5) New Orleans Saints - Will take the South this year. Added firepower on D to go with explosive OL

6) Philadelphia Eagles - This high because of Nnamdi. Without him, they're in trouble. I think people have Vick figured out. He'll be dangerous, but won't come close to last year's remarkable run. 

7) New England Patriots - They and the Jets beat each other up. Patriots win out the division in a close one. Like 11-5 and 10-6 close.

8) Indianapolis Colts - The OL will keep Peyton (who happens to be good at football) upright, but I think we start to see signs of decline in this team. Fortunately, two of the AFC South teams have young QBs, allowing the Colts to split again with the Texans and take the division.

9) New York Jets - Go 10-6, make playoffs as 5th seed. Sanchise develops, but there a few key pieces that need to be resigned. Team is in trouble, offensively, if Santonio goes.

10) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Made strides in defense. Josh Freeman's 3rd year will be a ground breaking one. New Orleans is too strong for them to take the division though.

11) New York Giants - Will go 10-6, this time making the playoffs. Philly goes 11-5. They split with Philly, but Philly sweeps Dallas, while the Giants split.

12) Detroit Lions - Will narrowly miss playoffs at 9-7. Huge leap forward for them. Problem is the secondary.

13) St. Louis Rams - Will win the NFC West at 8-7-1. Still a weak division, and has to play the NFC East this year. Still, a winning record is good enough. Bradford makes friends with Greg Salas.

14) Atlanta Falcons - Not buying that they're ready for a division title this time around. Tampa Bay and New Orleans are too strong. Upgrades on offense, but I think they take a step back on defense.

15) Kansas City Chiefs - I think they also take a step back and miss the playoffs by virtue of my projected Chargers resurgence.

16) Dallas Cowboys - The secondary remains a big problem, and their pass rush needs more help across from Demarcus. Dez will emerge as the newest #1 WR, but Dallas still falls behind at 8-8 in the East.

17) Houston Texans - Definitely infused a ton of talent. Can see the DROY coming out of Houston, but a new coordinator on defense + transitioning to new scheme + probably no training camp = problems.

18) Chicago Bears - Bears take a bit of a downturn and the Lions take over 2nd place in the NFC North. By the way, people need to back the fu#k off of Jay Cutler. The dude had a torn MCL and doctors wouldn't let him go back in that game. People question his toughness, they forget the fact that he already plays with diabetes. So, seriously, please STFU. //randomrant

19) Miami Dolphins - I don't see the Dolphins making more of an impact than what they did last year

20) Jacksonville Jaguars - Still Garrard's team, but I think Houston does better than them. Take a bit of a backwards step, but will still challenge Houston for 2nd place

21) San Francisco 49ers - Will make a push for the NFC West crown, but the inability to beat St. Louis and getting swept by the NFC East puts them at 7-8-1.

22) Cleveland Browns - A sleeper pick of mine, they'll have a strong season. The Colt McCoy - Mohammed Massaquoi connection is strong with this one. Did I mention that all people named Peyton are good at football?

23) Seattle Seahawks - They certainly will have a much better OL now that Okung is healthy and they added Carpenter. However, I'm not sure how Whitehurst behind center will do. I have my doubts. Earl Thomas makes the pro-bowl. 

24) Denver Broncos - A huge jump? Yes, but I think that last year was a fluke. They improve by at least 4 games, but I think they get swept by both San Diego and KC.

25) Minnesota Vikings - The best of the cellar dwellers, it'll be a rough going for Christian Ponder, Joe Webb, or whoever the hell is under center

26) Arizona Cardinals - If they snag Kolb, they instantly jump about 10 spots. If not, this spot seems appropriate.

27) Oakland Raiders - Losing Nnamdi essentially means losing the essence of that defense. However, its still got some teeth with Richard Seymour, Rolando McClain, and Stanford Routt.

28) Tennessee Titans - That defense is strong, but could be in trouble if they lose Stephen Tulloch. Jake Locker is not ready for a starting role, so they better get a veteran in there.

29) Washington Redskins - It's a mess in the nation's capital. There are undoubtedly bright spots, and the team is talented, but I can't count how many times last year I said probably the greatest insult you can give a football team - "They aren't even trying."

30) Cincinnati Bengals - The only reason they're above the Panthers is A.J. Green. Still, any team with a new QB is going to struggle. WRs tend to struggle in their rookie years as well.

31) Buffalo Bills - Their defense is going to be much improved in the secondary and with the addition of Dareus, but I seriously have doubts about Aaron Maybin. They needed to upgrade their pass rush as well as their OL. I don't know if they did that.

32) Carolina Panthers - Why are they last? New QB. New head coach. No Steve Smith. OL still needs help. Probably no DeAngelo Williams. That's a recipe for disaster.

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