Giants' Potential UDFA Targets: Ian Williams, DT, Notre Dame

It has been a few days since we discussed a potential undrafted free agent target for the New York Giants. Let's put another name on the table today, though. How about Notre Dame defensive tackle Ian Williams?

A 6-foot-1, 319-pounder, Williams is on Draft Countdown's list of the top 50 undrafted free agents, and CBS draft analyst Chad Reuter has him on his list of the top five UDFAs.

Reuter had this to say about Williams:

Strong and stout at the point of attack, the 6-1, 319 pounder can play the nose in the 3-4 as well as in the 4-3 alignment. Like Cooper, Williams is coming off a knee injury (torn MCL) that limited his senior season. Even when healthy, Williams isn't going to dazzle anyone with flashy plays as he has only moderate overall athleticism. His ability to hold up at the point of attack, however, should make him one of the more eagerly sought-after free agents this year.

Here is a pre-draft profile from

Williams is recovering from a torn MCL suffered during his senior season, but he is a quality run stopper that could be an effective two-down specialist. He is near impossible to move when he gets in good position, as he is very strong and has a thick compact body. He is also a hard worker that never gives up on the play. He can be a very stout run stopper, but he is not athletic or technically refined enough to contribute in the pass rush. Williams is a one dimensional player, but he is human hole plugger.

We know, of course, that the Giants drafted North Carolina's Marvin Austin in the second round. If Austin plays to his potential he could be a stud in the middle for Perry Fewell's defense. The Giants also have Chris Canty. Behind those two are untested second-year player Linval Joseph and the mostly unsatisfying veteran Rocky Bernard.

I am not even including Barry Cofield at this point. I see it as a huge bonus if the Giants somehow get Cofield to return in 2011, but more than likely Cofield is leaving via free agency. So, even with the drafting of Austin and the Giants' tendency to remove a defensive tackle at times in favor of a three defensive end alignment, adding depth and competition at defensive tackle would seem like a good idea.

From the reports, Williams has the primary thing you want from a defensive tackle -- he is a stout run defender who can clog the middle. The Giants have lots of other guys to chase quarterbacks. He might be worth a shot.

Your thoughts?

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