Around the league, there are many players who are undervalued and under appreciated. These guys aren't the big named players like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Adrian Peterson. These are guys who show up to work, play their position very well, keep their mouths shut, and go unnoticed. There is never an ESPN special on them and usually their names don't show up in the record books, but they are key pieces on their team and are consistently performing. Now here at BBV, it is easily said that you guys know a whole lot about the NY Giants, and their players. You know their names, numbers, age, Date of Birth, favorite breakfast cereal and so on. Some guys that I will mention later won't seem like underrated guys, because to us, they aren't. But these are the guys that when looked at by the "experts" or even other fans that don't get the respect and recognition they deserve.

Corey Webster- The first guy I thought of when making this list surprisingly enough was Corey Webster. He is not mentioned as a top CB in the NFL, but he is undoubtedly the best CB on the Giants roster. He may not be what some consider a "shutdown corner" but he is very good. He doesn't rack up stats like the other top corners in the league, and why is this you ask? Maybe it's because nobody wants to throw towards him. I wouldn't. As far as the NFL stage in concerned, C-Web is undervalued and UNDERRATED. 

Deon Grant - Moving to another member of the secondary, this guy is a veteran who came in just last year as part of Reese's solution to the safety problem we had back in 2009 (the year that never happened). Grant literally made big plays from day one.  That leaping interception of the shoulder of the Panthers WR to pick off Matt Moore is one of my favorite plays from the 2010 season. When looking at the roster, Deon Grant technically is not a started, he is behind Phillips and Rolle. Granted (get it? his name is Grant?! yeah I know it's not funny) we play with 3 safeties on the field often, but someone who isn't familiar with the Giants would just see this guy as a backup. This guy made an impact on the field and outperformed expectations, yet still when looked at by other fans, isn't looked at as a big time player. He is UNDERRATED.

Ahmad Bradshaw- Some may scratch their heads and even say Bradshaw is overrated, but I tend to disagree. Yes he has fumbling problems, but so did Tiki ( yeah I know ya'll hate him) and Adrian Peterson. It's a fixable problem and half his fumbles came from the extra effort he was putting in to gain those extra yards so quit complaining and be happy you have a RB who cares. There are few guys tougher than AB. Despite injuries he still ran hard, cut hard, and gained yards after initial contact. Kinda sounds like.....Tiki Barber. In the perspective of who the top backs are in the league, you don't see toughness and effort used as factors in deciding who the best backs are. Because of this, and people crying about his fumbling problem, AB is UNDERRATED.

Bear Pascoe- Most Giants fans love this guy, but outside of Big Blue Nation, not many people know about this guy. They don't know that he was the only healthy TE during the preseason practices and workouts, carrying the workload of three guys. They don't know he didn't originally make the roster, pass through waivers, and sit on the Practice Squad of the Giants. They don't know that he stepped into an unfamiliar position and did a bang up job when Hedgecock (completely forgot this guy existed) went down. All they see is a guy with a really awesome name playing Fullback. This guy is always working hard, never complaining, and constantly doing what is best for the team. These are the reasons he is one of my favorite Giants on the roster. (That and yes, he really does have an awesome name.) It is blatantly obvious that Bear is UNDERRATED.

Kevin Boss- Wasn't sure if I was going to put the Bossman on here or not, but I'm not arguing that he is a great TE, just an underrated one. No, he doesn't always catch like a Wide Receiver, and no he doesn't always block like a Lineman, but he is a tough SOB and is always putting himself on the line for the team. His effort is always 100% and that alone makes him a valuable player on ANY team. I've watched this guy take some nasty hits and get back up and jog back to the huddle. Most these hits happened because he was busy jumping or leaping for poorly placed passes he had no business going for. Some say it's stupid, I say it's effort. I would love to see Boss in a Giants uniform next year, even though I have seen some guys here saying we shouldn't resign him. It appears that even among Giants fans Boss is UNDERRATED.

Derek Hagan - Playing on a team that has a great lineup of Receivers, Hagan is definitely overlooked. Guys like Nicks and Smith and Manningham are always getting the attention. But guys like Nicks and Smith and Manningham also can get hurt. This guy was pulled off the streets due to injuries to our studs, and performed admirably. He has sure hands and when I saw Eli throw his way, I was confident he would be making the play. The Giants know he is a valuable player, but his name isn't even on the NFL radar. This guy is UNDERRATED.

Eli Manning- Thought I'd save my "bombshell" for last. Some may be surprised to see Eli on here. A guy with a Superbowl ring on an underrated players list? A guy who is a proven winner? A guy who has registered 3,000 and 4,000 yard seasons throughout his career? Well don't be too surprised. As far as I'm concerned Eli gets no respect. We've had the argument of if Eli is "Elite" or not, but that isn't what this is about. He is an underrated QB despite the fact he is constantly winning. He hasn't had a losing season in his career with the exception of his rookie year. He has the ring. He is the guy I want leading the offense when there is 2 minutes left in the Superbowl and we're looking for a game-winning drive. Yet still, nobody likes Eli. Nobody respects Eli. Us Giants fans know better, we see his true value and are glad to have him as our QB, but other fans jeer him and tell us he how "bad" he is. No respect, and truly UNDERRATED.

Now I am sure that I probably forgot some guys on the roster that aren't valued as high as they should be, so feel free to mention anybody you consider underrated on the Giants. Also I'm sure there are other teams fans who have guys that are equally undervalued by the other 31 teams in the NFL, so feel free to let us Giants fans know who these guys are

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