What Offensive Linemen Are you Letting Go to Make Room For Pouncey or any other Rookie OL?

I decided to write an indepth blue print for the New York Giants for the site I write for ( and while I was doing that I was looking over the Giants roster to see who I'd cut and release to make room for any new free agent signings and I realized this...if the Giants want to grab an offensive linemen or two early in this draft they're going to have to say good bye to some stalworts on the offensive line,.

As of right now the Giants have a lot of players on the offensive line they'll be interested in bringing back.

Last year's five starters:

Diehl, Subert, O'hara, Snee, Mackenzie

Then there are also  five  reserves the Giants will be interested in bringing back.

Beatty, Petrus, Koets, Boothe, Andrews

I think the most obvious choice to be cut is Shawn Andrews because of his bad back. After that it gets tough. The Giants are not carrying more than 10 OL during the season. So there might only be room for one more. They just re-signed Koets before he got hurt so they must believe in him to some degree and Boothe played well when he was given an opportunity.

I think, sadly, the two most likely cuts (especailly if they draft Pouncey at 19) are Shaun O'hara and Rich Seubert. It'll be sad to seem them go but injuries and age might have finally caught up with these players.

What are you guys thoughs?

I've seen a lot of people suggest we need at least two offensive linemen, and in order to do that, the team is going to have to make some tough cuts along the offensive line.

The other position that makes this tough is definitely wide receiver.

Right now the Giants have a lot of young talent at WR, where the obvious stalwarts are:

Nicks, Smith, and Manningham.

And then there are:

Hixon, Devin Thomas, Michael Clayton, Derek Hagan, Victor Cruz, Ramses Barden, Duke Calhoun

The Giants will most likely carry six of these players.

Making cuts again tough.

Nicks, Smith, Manningham are locks.

I think they give Barden another year.

So who are the final two? To me it comes down to four players.

Devin Thomas, Hixon, Hagan, Cruz

Hixon's knee injury scares me and with the new kickoff rules HIxon's value takes a hit, so I think he's gone.

Leaving Thomas, Hagan, Cruz.

It's tough to get rid of Hagan because he was so valuable to the GIants late last year and you wonder if they reward him (especially if he comes back committed to special teams again) and Cruz has great upside, but I'm very curious to see what Thomas could do with a summer working with Eli Manning who seems to be a good teacher to young WR. Plus Thomas also has KR ability (to replace what you're losing with Hixon), but way more upside as a WR than Hixon.

Tough call. I think they'll just invite everyone back for a battle royale at training camp, but these are two positions that would make it difficult to be Jerry Reese this off-season.

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