Speed*(Ht + Wt)

Hello Giants Fans. This is a post about some interesting info I came across while procastinating for exams by becoming a complete draft nerd, (for the first year.) I've always heard that the Giants use a height/weight/speed formula to evaluate prospects, and I've always wondered about the details. Well follow me over the jump, because I'm pretty sure Bill Parcells in his draft confidential just revealed it to the world.

position height weight speed hand arm
4-3 DE 6.4.3 279 4.82 9.7 33
3-4 DE 6.4.2 291 4.93 10 32.7
4-3 Rush DE 6.3.5 266 4.7 9.6 33.1
4-3 DT 6.3.0 302 4.98 9.7 33
3-4 OLB 6.3.3 256 4.65 9.6 33.1
3-4 ILB 6.1.5 240 4.71 9.5 32.1
3-4 NT 6.2.2 316 5.07 10 32.5
4-3 LB 6.1.2 239 4.69 9.4 31.6
SAM LB 6.2.3 243 4.65 9.5 32.4
Corner 5.11.2 193 4.47 9 31.1
SS 6.0.2 207 4.51 9.2 31.4
FS 6.0.1 204 4.52 9.2 31.4


This is what I found while surfing bloggingtheboys, as part of a know thine enemy kick. If you do some hunting you'll find our picks from last year

JPP  4-3 DE  6.5/268 /4.71/10.4/34.75 (Truly Freak Status)

Anvil 4-3 DT  6.4/328/5.04/10.0/34.5 (This guy is a 3-4 NT!)

Chad Jones FS  6.2.5/221/4.57/9.0/32.4 (Safety or 4-3 LB?)

Dillard 4-3 LB 6.02/245/4.72/9.5/30.4 (T-Rex arms)

Just for kicks, Tuck:

Justin Tuck 4-3 DE 6.45/256/4.62/9.6/33.0 (Rush DE)

Anyways, whats fun is to see what they're basically looking for... Lets find some 2011 prospect 4-3 LB's in this draft. It is surprisingly easy: Here are some examples.

Mason Foster, Akeem Dent, Greg Jones, among others. Nate Irving grades out as by far the best 4-3 LB this year with his ridiculous 33.25 arms and 10.25 hands, but he ran 4.79 mid in the 40. No real standouts in terms of measurables, Martez Wilson and Justin Houston are probably the closest to being freaks, but both are actually a bit too tall and are better as 3-4 OLB in this grading system, same goes for Ayers except for his 9.0 hands, which makes him unfit for any LB position, apparently.

Carter 6.1/241/4.56/9.25/32.6

Carter has 9.25 hands, but close enough,  no speed number I could find except 4.56 (unofficial I think), which seems insanely low and would make him a strong safety in a LB'ers body? If that number is correct, then we probably screwed up and should've drafted him. Parcells was in Dallas, so I bet they have the same chart somewhere.

There are actually many 4-3LB qualifiers that are still on the board, and will probably be there for awhile, which is probably why Reese never picks a 4-3 LB in the early rounds, the optimal formula doesnt exactly weed out quite that many people. (whereas a 300lb guy that can run a 4.96 40 might be tougher)

Quan Sturdivant 6.10/241/4.68/10.0/32.5 (probably the last decent LB)

Mike Mohamed 6.10/239/4.70/9.5/33.0 (little underweight)

Scott Lutrus 6.25/241/4.68/10.0/31.1 (short armed/tall)

Doug Hogue 6.25/235/4.63/9.4/32.6 (a little underweight/tall)

Anyways, I wouldn't be surprised at all if one of these 4 belonged to the Giants at the end of the draft -- the very end of the draft -- as in round 7. I also tend to think Carter would've been our pick at the end of round 2. Austin fits also, except he's one inch short, but I guess tackles are harder to come by.

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